What's it like to captain a small-ship cruise?

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Picture it: you’re onboard a Windstar ship after spending the day in Venice. You’re the only cruise ship there, and as you exit the port, the sails unfurl and you literally sail past the city of canals on your way to your next stop. It’s a moment Captain Neil Broomhall, Windstar’s fleet captain, has experienced firsthand.

In this special episode of Trade Secrets, we talk to Captain Neil Broomhall, Windstar Cruises’ fleet captain, about what a typical day looks like onboard a Windstar ship (and whether he’s ever seen a mermaid or sea monster!).Then, Windstar president Chris Prelog fields listener questions, from how to sell small-ship cruising and how to book VIP experiences for clients to getting in touch with suppliers and why companies like Windstar pay commission in the first place.

This episode is sponsored by Windstar Cruises.

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