Sunbed wars kick off as tourists spotted battling to get loungers before 8am

British holidaymakers are well known for fighting over the best pool loungers on holiday – so much so that the battles have been dubbed the "sunbed wars".

For years, tourists have been getting up at the crack of dawn to lay their towels on their chosen loungers.

Whether you prefer to be next to the pool, the snack bar or in the shade we all want the optimal place to relax all day.

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But, sometimes Brits have to sacrifice a lie in to do so, as fellow hotel guests also want to get the best loungers, meaning it's a first come, first serve situation.

Fortunately, for those holidaymakers unwilling to wake up before breakfast lots of hotels have put rules in place to prevent people from reserving loungers.

Those that haven’t banned the activity are already seeing tourists race to the pool first thing as the summer season begins.

Tourists were recently filmed queuing up before 8am to bag a bed at a resort in Spain.

A video clip went viral on TikTok from creator Thomas Clifford which he captioned: "Sun bed wars! My wife told me that everyone races each morning to get sunbeds, I didn’t believe her!"

While on holiday he spotted a number of guests at a Tenerife resort racing to reserve their beds – leaving viewers gobsmacked.

Thomas posted the clip to his account, @thomaswclifford, showing the tourists queuing around the pool for it to open before running to the best loungers and chucking their towels down.

The race for the sunbeds began at 7.47am – well before most people are awake when on holiday.

Thomas added that people were going to even further extremes to get a seat adding: "People were sniping by throwing their towels off the top of the stairs."

He added that some had waited for over 25 minutes to lay down their towels saying: "some of them were waiting there from 7.20."

Thomas commented: "I felt sorry for the poor man trying to clean the pool as everyone stampeded him!"

Thousands of people watched the clip and many commented on the bizarre behaviour.

One person wrote: "Which hotel is this. Need to avoid. Can’t be doing with that nonsense."

Another added: "This isn’t a holiday."

A jokester noted: "Needs the wacky races theme."

It's not the first time British sunbed hoggers have raised eyebrows.

Last year, tourists at an all-inclusive hotel in Spain were spotted running to the sun loungers to reserve their spots at sun rise leaving Brits laughing at 'flashbacks' and overseas commenters baffled.

Guests in shorts and t-shirts could be seen sprint walking across the decking to place their towels on their preferred beds.

Meanwhile one sunbed hogger spoke out about holiday resort "sunbed wars" and why she doesn’t feel guilty for joining in.

She claims "If you can't beat them then join them."


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