‘UK’s worst seaside town used to be great – now it’s run down and unsafe’

Last week, Skegness, in Lincolnshire, was ranked the UK’s worst seaside town – but one former local claims there are "worse places".

The beach town was deemed the worst in the nation by Which? Travel according to data collected from over 3,000 people.

They gave their verdict on the quality of the beaches, food and drink offerings, tourist attractions and value for money.

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Skegness took a beating in the survey with low marks across the board.

Plus, Tripadvisor reviews slammed the local beach for being "smelly" and having sea with a "brown froth" on top.

Anna Morrish, who lived close by to Skegness and its beaches spoke to Daily Star about where the town has gone wrong.

Speaking to the Daily Star, Anna said: "I used to live 30 mins away and visited often – I’m sure there are worse places. I still have family and friends there. We visit Skegness maybe once every year or so now."

Sadly, Anna now visits the area a lot less and claims there’s lots that could be done to improve Skegness.

She commented: "The downfalls would be that it's a little outdated and the nightlife isn't great. It's a tad rough around the edges.

"Locals call it Skeg-Vegas. I’ve only been out there a few times and I would avoid it now. It doesn't feel as safe as some areas or inclusive."

Anna added: "I would say safety and the food isn't great. Even on the beach – I once was walking along the beach and got stuck in quicksand.

"My boyfriend (and now husband) almost had to get help but he managed to help me out. I've not been back to the beach since.

"In terms of food, there's places further afield for food, but for anyone with specific dietary requirements, it's really not great in Skegness itself. I can't eat meat or dairy and struggle finding places to eat or drink.

"There's plenty of attractions, but they're looking a tad run down and dated. They do well to keep the area clean, but it's like stepping back in time."

When asked what Skegness could do to improve its image, she noted: "The area needs investment or funding to help modernise the streets and to encourage other independent shops and even more high street names to the area.

"Lincolnshire feels like a country that has been forgotten about, which is such a shame as there's real beauty there."

But, Anna does claim there are still some positives to Skegness that make it good fun despite its downfalls.

She explained: "It's easy to get to and there's plenty to do there – lots of nice walks if you move a little further away from the centre of the town

"Great for kids too. It was somewhere to go for a day out that was close by and the theatre had some good shows. It still does."

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Anna continued: "I would say one of the best things there is the Embassy theatre. In the daytime, walking around, I feel completely safe, plus I have a lot of fond memories of it.

"But, it could definitely do with some love."


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