Man shares photo with ‘identical twin’ on holiday – but they’re total strangers

A holidaymaker has left social media users gobsmacked after sharing a snap taken with a stranger in a hotel pool – and the duo look identical.

The snap, which was posted on Reddit, documented when the two doppelgängers meeting in a swimming pool in Las Vegas.

Not only did the pair look like twins, but they were also wearing the same glasses and a similar hat.

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One of the men, Sean Douglas McArdle, said on Reddit: “I wasn’t convinced until now …. we are definitely in a simulation.

“Today I randomly swam past my Doppel‘sean’er at the Flamingo pool in Vegas.”

“I was just swimming by in the pool and a big group of strangers were pointing at me and laughing.

“I got really self-conscious, looked back at my friends and they were all pointing and laughing at him. That’s when I saw him.”

Sean was astounded when he spotted his double.

He noted: “I immediately thought, ‘Holy s**t, that guy looks like the dude I see in the mirror,’ and my second thought was, ‘He looks cooler than me. Probably has real Club Master Ray-Bans unlike my Zenni knock-offs.’”

In the comments, people were shocked not only at the two men looking alike, but that they also looked just like actor Seth Rogen.

In fact, they caused quite the stir – over 95,000 reddit users liked the post while 2,300 commented.

One person said: “Yeah I’m just more impressed that neither of these guys are Seth Rogen.”

Another joked: “Time to do a Parent Trap.”

While a third said: “You look like brothers.”

“The glasses is the craziest part for me,” a commenter noted.

“Definitely twins separated at birth,” suggested another.

Have you ever met your doppelgänger? Tell us in the comments section…


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