Tattoo artist gives stranger a ‘bucket list’ inking – while they are on a plane

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A plane passenger has gone viral after getting a tattoo from a stranger while on a flight.

Tattoo artist Asher posted a clip of the inking on TikTok, @LuckyBoyTattoo, where it racked up a massive 4million views.

And, over 750,000 people liked the bizarre clip.

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Asher explained that he’d boarded his flight and sat down.

He got chatting to the woman in the seat next to him and quickly found out she was a body modification fan.

Asher wrote: “So I sat down next to someone who told me they were stressed about finding a place to get tattooed on their trip.”

He decided to ink her himself while they flew through the skies.

The video showed Asher drawing a design saying “hello” on the woman’s forearm. He also included a clip of him washing his hands in the lavatory.

Asher said: “We followed all sanitisation protocols including prep, clean up and disposal.”

Then he took out his tattoo gun and inked the design onto the woman’s arm.

The artist noted: “We even asked the flight attendants, who gave us the go ahead!”

Asher showed off the finished result before wrapping the tattoo with a clear plastic second skin-style bandage.

In the comments, people were gobsmacked by the event – with some saying it was now on their “bucket list”.

One person said: “Getting tatted at like 20,000 ft is soooo cool. You're awesome for doing this!”

While another joked: “A whole new meaning to the mile high club.”

A third laughed: “‘Where did you get your tattoo??’ ‘Somewhere between Arkansas and California, I'm not sure’.”

“The coolest story for both of you,” exclaimed a fan.

Some were confused that Asher was allowed to take his tattoo gun on-board, but one person noted: “Well he did it! Clearly not a problem!”

And, some giggled that turbulence could have caused an ink disaster.

Luckily, all of Asher’s lines seemed straight and the client was pleased as punch.

“You must have the steadiest hand this is so cool,” a fan wrote.

While another person said: “This is on my bucket list.”

Would you let a stranger on your flight tattoo you? Tell us in the comments…


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