Fuming Jet2 punter says ‘last thing needed is Jess Glynne’ as hit plays on plane

Going on holiday is supposed to be relaxing.

But often, the flight to the sunny destination is not always smooth sailing.

Recently, a woman has declared for that she wants ‘adult only’ flights after hearing a child scream for the whole duration of the trip.

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However, this time around, another jetsetter is more concerned with the landing rather than the antics of others in the air.

No, it’s not to do with a bumpy landing or having to queue for eternity to get off.

Laura Burry had quite the reaction after the Jet2 flight she was on blared a Jess Glynne song from the speakers on touchdown.

The travel company repeatedly play the hit song ‘Hold My Hand’ on their adverts and before their flights take off as well as when the aeroplane lands.

And, Laura was having none of it.

In a TikTok clip that has gone viral, the travel enthusiast sat with a cushion around her neck as the 2015 tune played through the speakers.

“The last thing I need right now is Jess Glynne”, Laura huffed as the summery song blasted out.

“Point of view: You're on a Jet2 flight and this is the first thing that happens at touchdown”, she explained in the caption.

Judging by the comments, many people feel the same way about the cheery record.

One user giggled: “Imagine plunging into the sea from 20,000ft and Jess Glynne starts playing during emergency evac. Pure summer vibes.”

Another person added: “My mum starts dancing and singing as she walks down the isles of the plane. It's so embarrassing.”

While a third claimed: "We were delayed on a flight home from Portugal and sat on the runway for four hours. This was on repeat constantly. Can’t listen to it anymore.”

Someone else alleged: “Honestly, me and my husband refuse to fly with Jet@ now for this reason. Hungover on the flight home from Barcelona, had to wait on stand for 40.”

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Meanwhile, a fifth person related: “I’d feel pretty similar honestly.”

Even Jess Glynne herself replied with a barrage of smiley emojis.

“Hi babe, luv ya really”, Laura replied.

Back in 2018 when Jet2 started to use the song for advertising purposes and greet customers as well as ushering them off to it, some customers began to show their dislike for the addition.

In an interview with Kat Shoob from The Official Vodafone Big Top 40 in 2018, Jess Glynne shared: “I’m gonna just say to Jet2 and to everybody out there, look – I didn’t make them do it like that.”

“I agreed to, you know, let them have my song and, you know, I apologise if it annoys you!”


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