British tourists only allowed in popular Italian spot certain days of the week this summer

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The Amalfi coast is also famous for its narrow roads which make it very difficult for tourists to drive around.

Now the Amalfi coast is imposing new rules to try and control the dangerous traffic.

The single-lane roads with thousands of cars heading to visit the beautiful towns lead to miles-long queues and endless traffic jams.

On Wednesday, June 15, the region introduced new rules applying to the 35-kilometre stretch between Vietri sul Mare and Positano.

Tourists will have to adhere to a new number plate system to circulate.

This will only apply during peak hours in peak season.

Drivers with a car number plate ending in an odd number will have access to the road on odd number days.

If the number plate ends in an even number, tourists will be able to access it on even number days.

Tourists will have to follow the new rule imposed by the Amalfi authorities from 10am to 6pm on weekends from mid-June until the end of September 2022.

The new rule will also be in place during the Easter holiday.

Buses and taxis, however, are exempt.

The residents of the 13 towns on the stretch of road are also exempt.

Also, vehicles over 10.36 metres long have been banned.

Caravans and vehicles with trailers can only use the road between midnight and 6:30am.

Italian authorities also warned of long queues and limited parking when driving the picturesque road.

Owner of B&B Vietri Centro, Fausto Salsano, commented: “Obviously we’ll lose clients, but it’s for the good of the towns.

“If you don’t restrict traffic, the roads get blocked and you can’t find parking.

“There’s no other option,” he told CNN.

The president of the local association of hoteliers Federalberghi Salerno, Antonio Ilardi, warned that the rules could prevent tourists from reaching their hotels.

The Amalfi coast is the latest spot that decided to impose restrictions on visitors.

Venice is set to double its tourism tax to enter the city to 10 euros next year.

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