Local residents have ‘no right to complain about annoying tourists’

During the summer, many top tourist destinations around the world struggle with huge numbers of visitors.

Although local residents often complain about tourists’ behaviour, one traveller said they think people have “no right to complain”.

A Reddit user said: “If you choose to live in a touristy area, you have no right to complain about annoying tourists. It’s very irritating when people who voluntarily choose to move to touristy areas complain about the huge number of tourists that come through their area.

“You chose to move to a tourist area because of opportunity, natural beauty, history etc. and it’s wrong and rude to expect that other people shouldn’t experience that.”

Dubrovnik was recently named the world’s most overcrowded tourist city but Barcelona, Venice and St Ives have also struggled to contain numbers.

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Another user ‘Krabbi’ said: “I live in a touristy area and for the most part I just shake my head at tourists’ antics.”

Some commenters said they didn’t mind the tourists visiting, but they hated how some of the travellers behaved.

A user said: “The amount of garbage that’s left behind on the beaches is just depressing. Most of it is plastic.”

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‘Au_Uncirculated’ said: “I’m not complaining about tourism. I just have a problem with people not respecting those who live there and being a nuisance.”

While some people choose to buy a house in an area popular with tourists, some may have already been living there.

A Reddit user said: “I think changes in your local Government can sneak up on you and make an area c***** to live in pretty quick in a tourist town.”

In the UK, some seaside towns saw a huge influx of tourists during and after the pandemic. This has put pressure on local services.

Another comment said: “I didn’t move to a touristy area, I grew up here and watched it become overcrowded and nearly unaffordable.

“Also tourists will literally block my driveway for hours because they want to use the nearest beach access, it’s disrespectful and irritating.”

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