Tourist warning as hotspot brings in hefty fines for rule breakers

Croatia is one of Europe’s most popular tourist destinations but the country is the latest to crack down on unruly tourists.

Any tourist caught breaking one of the country’s strict rules could be fined 4,000 euros (£3,421).

The UK Government updated its advice to warn Britons travelling to Croatia to watch out for “on the spot fines”.

It said: “In some Croatian town centres, authorities may issue on the spot fines for behaviour which is locally considered inappropriate.

“You can also be fined up to €4000 for actions considered to be disturbances to public order. These include fighting, verbal abuse and drunken behaviour.

“Most towns have signage to advise about actions that are prohibited by local law. Take notice of your surroundings, including signage, and seek local advice.”

Acts that could incur a fine include walking around shirtless or drinking alcohol near a protected area such as a school.

In 2019, over 4.5 million British tourists travelled to Croatia for a holiday, with top destinations including Split and Dubrovnik.

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Dubrovnik has around 36 tourists for every local resident and the town has been struggling with crowds.

Tourists have recently been banned from using wheeled suitcases in the city’s Old Town, due to the noise it makes.

The city’s mayor said tourists would soon be required to leave their luggage at the airport and pay for it to be delivered to their hotel.

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Behaviour tourists could be fined for

  • Walking through towns shirtless or in swimwear
  • Wearing clothing that promotes drug use
  • Sleeping in public areas
  • Climbing on top of monuments
  • Urinating in public spaces
  • Drinking alcohol near protected public spaces
  • Vomiting in public areas

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