Flights: Always do THIS if your flight is delayed – it’s the most important step

Flights being delayed or cancelled can be highly frustrating and potentially ruin a trip. However, it’s important to follow key steps to make sure you receive everything owed to you in this situation. Paloma Salmeron, passenger rights expert at AirHelp, has revealed what the most important thing to do is. If you find out your flight has been delayed or cancelled, it’s vital you know your rights.

Flights: Always do THIS important thing if your flight is delayed or cancelled

“If you find your flight is delayed, the number one thing to do is to know your rights as a passenger and check if you’re eligible for compensation,” Salmeron told

“Under EU regulation EC261, airlines must pay up to €600 per person in compensation for delays over three hours or cancellations.

“This ruling covers all flights departing from the EU, as well as those arriving at an EU airport if operated by a European carrier.

“To ensure your claim is valid, keep your boarding pass and travel documents and be sure to ask the airline the reason for the delay.

“The more information you get, the easier it will be to receive compensation.”

To obtain further proof of the day, considering taking photos of the departure board or communications from the airline confirming the disruption.

You could also take a picture of the time when you have landed and the airline doors are opening as this marks the official arrival time, advises AirHelp.

It’s key to not settle for less than the compensation you are entitled to – 86 per cent of UK air travellers are unaware of their air passengers rights and airlines can take advantage of this.

Your persistence could be the difference between a 50 euro compensation voucher and up to 600 euros in cash.

Also be aware that the airline should pay for your meals and refreshments as a basic requirement when a flight is delayed and you have to wait more than two hours.

“Make sure you speak to a member of staff from your airline and ensure your meals and refreshments will be paid for until you are able to fly,” said Salmeron.

She added: “If asked to sign anything from your airline, make sure you read it thoroughly to ensure your compensation rights are not affected. If they will be, don’t sign!”

“If the flight is delayed for more than five hours it is your choice whether to stay and wait for the next available flight, or to leave the airport.

“If there are no flights until the following day, you will need your airline to provide you with accommodation for the night and pay for your transportation to and from the hotel,” said Salmon.

“Make sure you speak to a member of the team about how to ensure this, to avoid sleeping on the airport floor.”

Lastly, if you end up paying for accommodation, additional meals, internet access- anything you would not have needed if you were on the plane, this can often be reimbursed. Keep any receipts safe as you might need them later, Salmon advised.

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