Planks ski gear review – top-quality outfits that look stylish on the slopes
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    Hitting the slopes in quality gear that looks good is a must for any skiers on their winter holidays.

    So, for my recent trip to Bulgarian ski resort Bansko, I decided to try out the (relatively) new kid on the block in ski outfits – Planks.

    Pro skier Jim Adlington founded the brand in 2008, taking inspiration from the "streetwear style" of the snowboarding scene to deliver "top ski gear".

    I chose the Good Times Insulated Jacket and Pant – the brand's most versatile range which focuses on the "100-day skier", meaning it should be fit for any conditions.

    But did they live up to expectations?

    Style and fit

    Planks ski gear can be spotted pretty much anywhere on the slopes thanks to their stylish and colourful outfits.

    The Good Times Jacket comes in five colours including midnight teal (my choice) – a combination of yellow arms with teal shoulders and a black torso.

    For those keen for more subtle colours, you can also opt for black which will go with any trousers.

    The Good Times Pant currently have a choice of four colours – more than enough options to suit your choice up top.

    In terms of fit, the jacket was a bit longer than others I have worn, which made it feel more like a parka. While that may not suit everyone, I felt I was further protected from the snow and the cold.

    The trousers too had a loose fit although they did feel a tad too big on the waist despite being my normal size.

    RATING: 8/10


    The Good Times jacket promises to be totally windproof and waterproof and it certainly delivered.

    I never once felt cold even when the wind was howling at the top of the mountain.

    In fact, it proved so warm that on some days I opted to ditch my base layer to only wear one top beneath the jacket.

    The numerous pockets to fit all your essentials came in handy and the armpit zips gave me an option for more breathability should I get hot.

    Despite its unparalleled warmth, the jacket never felt too bulky thanks to its two-way mechanical stretch fabric which allowed me to move with ease down the slopes.

    The same was true of the trousers which, perhaps more unusually, also had breathability zips to ensure no part of me would overheat.

    RATING: 10/10

    Value for money

    As the old saying goes, you pay for what you get.

    The high-quality material of both the jacket and trousers will set you back a hefty £460 (£260 for the Good Times jacket and £200 for the trousers).

    That is undoubtedly a large amount of money to part with and there are certainly cheaper options across the internet.

    But, as already shown, the outfits are extremely well made for the slopes while giving you a stylish edge over other skiers.

    It is also worth noting Planks regularly offers big discounts. At the time of writing, the jacket has been reduced to £156 and the pants to £100.

    RATING: 8/10

    Overall rating: 9/10

    My Planks ski outfit proved to be one of the most high-performance gear I have ever worn on the slopes.

    They always felt comfy, kept me warm and had the added bonus of looking stylish.

    The retail price may understandably put people off but they're still worth the money if you can afford them and, if not, you're sure to bag a bargain in the sales.

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