Bikini-clad woman petrified when killer shark appears at bottom of waterslide

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This viral clip sees a pretty young girl in a black bikini riding a waterslide, but what happens at the end is shocking.

With her selfie stick in hand, the woman pushes off and begins the descent down the thrilling slide. As her speed picks up water sprays up bedside her as she clutches onto her GoPro.

She then shoots off the bottom of the slide and whizzes up into the air before plummeting into the water below.

But the speedy descent is the least of her worries. Under the water, viewers see an ominous shadow appear beside her kicking feet.

And the bikini-clad brunette gets the shock of her life when a huge shark appears from the depths.

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The clip cuts before you find out the young woman's fate. The video has since gone viral and has been viewed more than four million times on Imgur.

One user CometRelief said: "This really doesn't help my childhood fear of there being sharks in the pool."

While another said: "This is my phobia. Blood pressure rising."

However, many of the site's users are questioning the video's authenticity. Willamiswill said: "Good short transition edit. Looked pretty convincing."

And another added: “Great editing skills. It looks so real.”

Last week another tourist got the fright of their life after a giant basking shark appeared next to their kayak.

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The unsuspecting man was leisurely paddling when onlookers from a nearby pier witnessed the terrifying moment.

The nail-biting moment, which was caught on camera by a tourist, happened close to the pier in Panama City Beach, Florida.

Thankfully after a few tense moments the giant shark simply swims away from the lone kayaker.

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