Flight attendant exposes area of plane that’s a ‘hive of germs’

During peak travel season, flight attendants usually don’t have much time to clean the plane between flights. Jane Hawkes, a consumer travel expert and former flight attendant, explained what tourists should pack for “on the go cleanliness”.

Jane told Express.co.uk: “Eco friendly handy bamboo wipes are perfect for on the go cleanliness.

“[They] are an absolute must for when you wake up after a long flight to refresh the skin and can also be used to wipe down tray tables which can be a hive of germs.

“By opting for biodegradable wipes, you can do your bit for the environment too!”

Passengers use tray tables for all kinds of things, and some people have even reported seeing babies have dirty nappies changed on them.

This means they could be carrying a lot of germs. A wet wipe can quickly get rid of any excess dirt.

Tourists are also advised to keep their shoes on while they’re on the plane as the floors or aircraft can be extremely dirty.

While it might be hard to believe, some passengers even take their shoes off when they’re going to the plane toilet.

This isn’t advised as flight attendants often won’t have time to clean the floor during the day, meaning it could be a hotbed of germs.

Jane added: “Make your flight as comfortable as possible by carrying a snug inflatable travel pillow so you don’t have to lean on the hard seat headrest when trying to rest onboard.”

Inflatable travel pillows should easily fit in a passenger’s hand luggage and can be blown up at the airport gate or onboard.

Many budget planes don’t have the most comfortable seats, so a travel pillow could make all the difference.

British tourists should try to purchase one ahead of their holiday as pillows sold at the airport are likely to be much more expensive.

Jane told Express.co.uk: “I never carry when I can pull so a travel bag on wheels is the ideal option.

“Opt for luggage which is easily identifiable by its colour or pattern in case it is mislaid.

“Look for a good sized travel bag which you fit the most in to but that’s not too heavy to manoeuvre or lift into the overhead locker.”

Bags with wheels can make it a lot easier to manoeuvre around an airport without straining muscles.

Flight attendants won’t be able to help passengers put their luggage in the overhead lockers, so tourists will need to make sure they can lift their bag themselves.

Tourists should also check their airline’s baggage requirements as these can vary and are especially tight on some budget airlines.

It’s a good idea to choose a distinctive bag as it will make it much easier to identify if it’s misplaced.

Travellers may have to pay extra on some airlines to put their bag in the overhead locker so should check when they book.

Jane Hawkes shares travel tips and advice at ladyjaney.co.uk.

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