Reddit user mortified after ‘inconsiderate’ flyer puts feet on armrest in front

When you're travelling on a plane, all you could wish for is a smooth and simple journey.

No annoying passengers, crying babies or delays otherwise it can turn into an unpleasant experience.

One person recently had to deal with something rather grim – and other Reddit users were equally horrified.

Posting on the open forum, the user shared an image of the "inconsiderate" passenger who placed their feet on the armrests in front.

In the photo, the flyer could be seen getting all comfortable on the flight by placing their feet on the chair in front.

And it didn't take long for online users to rip into the passenger for their behaviour.

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Since it was posted earlier this week on the r/mildlyinfuriating page, it racked up 50,200 upvotes and 2,800 comments.

One user joked: "Cable tie the feet to the arm rests," while another said: "Tickle them until they pee themselves."

A third suggested: "Or just borrow some tape from the flight attendant."

While a fourth commented: "Just pour some water over them."

There's no idea when the photo was taken but it could have been during the coronavirus pandemic, which makes it worse…

It comes after flight attendants revealed why they sometimes use duct tape to deal with a passenger onboard.

And earlier this week, a never-ending row began on a flight when passengers fought over the window blinds.

In a TikTok video, Gregory Hernandez @_iamgreg moaned "this lady keeps closing my window".

He then showed a woman with manicured nails reaching behind her seat to close his blind, making him respond by opening it again.

The woman then opens it again and they go back and forth in a passive-aggressive manner until he slaps her hand away.

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