‘Common sense’ hand luggage ‘hack’ to speed through airport security

Heathrow: Woman shares view of luggage 'chaos'

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Sharing to an “airline travel hacks” forum on Reddit, one traveller said they believe the key to getting through the security line and into departures faster relies on everyone being a little bit more organised.

The user named Dahlia said: “Slip-on shoes and no belts, jewellery, metal hair clips, etc.

“Make sure any toiletries or electronics that need to come out of your bag are easily accessible.”

She added: “You’d think this would be common sense at this point, but somehow there’s always that one person in line at security who’s going through an entire wardrobe change and taking ages to do so.”

“They will need to be x-rayed along with your bag.

“You may be asked to remove your shoes before going through the security archway.”

As well as electronic items, Gatwick Airport also advised people to “place all of their liquid toiletries in one transparent, re-sealable, airtight plastic bag of 20cm x 20cm in size ready to be x-rayed separately from your bag.”

Having your boarding pass ready to scan before entering security will also make for a smooth transit.

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