Will two jabs give summer trips across Europe the green light?

Will two jabs be my passport to a summer break abroad? The Holiday Guru answers travellers questions

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This week issues tackled include the potential loosening of travel restrictions for fully vaccinated tourists – and the new quarantine for British visitors to Italy.

Q. Are the reports earlier this week correct that rules will be changed so people who have been double-vaccinated will not have to quarantine when they return from amber-list countries? It would be fantastic, as we are thinking of going to Majorca.

Barry Jones, via email.

Sands of time: Holidaymakers are waiting to see if they can visit Calo des Moro, Majorca, without quarantining on return

A. This is just speculation, based on government leaks. But, as European countries including Germany, France, Spain and Greece are introducing similar policies for fully vaccinated travellers, the pressure is growing not to fall behind in the race to reopen travel and tourism. Changes are unlikely before August. 

Q. Can I fly to Miami, Florida, next week?

Joan Watson, via email.

A. No. Only a few British visitors are currently allowed there, such as diplomats. See America’s entry requirements at gov.uk.

Q. Why are the Cayman Islands not on the green list? There have been no Covid cases there for about nine months.

Janet and Jim Jordan, via email.

Another reader asked the Guru why the Cayman Islands are not on the green list 

A. As Government criteria for ‘green list’ countries are not known, it is impossible to say. Last October, the Cayman Islands began a phased reopening of its borders, allowing entry only to Caymanians, work permit holders and those with close family (like yourselves), with a 14-day quarantine. See visitcaymanislands.com.

Q. We booked a holiday villa in Majorca for July 10. We plan to go and self-isolate on our return. How do we find out where to book a government-approved PCR test prior to returning? Can the Passenger Locator Form be completed by hand? Our villa will not have the internet.

Garry Stevens, Pewsey, Wiltshire.

A. For government-approved tests, see ‘Private providers of Covid-19 testing: what you need to know’ at gov.uk. 

Passenger Locator Forms must be completed online, so you will need to find a wi-fi hotspot or internet café.

Q. I heard that there is a new quarantine for British visitors to Italy. Is this correct?

Janet Smith, York.

The Guru confirmed that Italy is now imposing a quarantine on British travellers

A. Yes. Italy has introduced a mandatory five-day quarantine for visitors from Britain starting on Monday. It was announced yesterday.

Q. Can you please suggest good areas in the UK for night-time star/planet-gazing?

Graham Jenkins, via email.

A. The International Dark-Sky Association (dark-sky.org) has a handy online map. The Dales and Brecon Beacons feature on it.


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