Space hotel to open with huge galactic water park and star-lit ceilings

Holidaymakers will soon be able to travelto stay in a space-themed hotel without having to leave planet earth.

Grande Center Point Space Pattaya is set to open in Bangkok this year, and it comes complete with a huge 11,500sq m water park.

It will be the first time Thailand has ever opened a space-themed hotel, and the huge site will home 490 bedrooms, which will each be fitted with special lights in the ceiling to mirror the image of twinkling stars.

As well as this, the bright headboard lighting will also attempt to re-create the effect of the Northern Lights.

When it comes to your options, guests will be able to chose from a basic Space Deluxe room, and you can opt for either a king or double bed. The room also comes complete with a Bluetooth speaker and bathtub.

For a slightly more luxurious stay you could also opt for the Space Suite Connex, which boasts two bedrooms, offers sea-view balconies and also includes an en-suite jacuzzi.

Naturally the rooms also feature curved walls to mimic the look of a spaceship, futuristic furniture and a galactic rug.

If you're looking for a bit of fun and adventure when you're away the hotel also homes a Space Water Park that is divided into four different zones.

The mountain zone features a waterfall cave, a jungle jacuzzi and also homes a 330-metre long lazy river.

In this area, visitors will also be able to visit the flying rock zone where little ones can entertain themselves along two water chutes.

It also contains an eight-metre slide tower, as well as an outdoor playground that comes complete with a sandpit and trampoline.

In the other zones, visitors will find a space pirate beach with artificial sand, as well as a waves and the planet zone with a children's pool and an amphitheatre.

If that doesn't intrigue you enough – there's also a mini space mini golf course on site which has been designed completely based on the solar system.

In the centre of the water park there is also a giant tree where spectacular late-night shows will be hosted.

Meanwhile – if you're into your grub – it's said the cuisine will also be "out of this world" as the hotel boasts the Orbit restaurant.

It also has a rooftop venue called Sola | Luna, as well as the Oort cloud tea room that offers a “contemporary twist on afternoon tea”.

Tickets up for grabs onboard Virgin Galactic are reported to set you back £175,000, but a room at the hotel is looking to cost you around 5,000 THB (approximately £116) per night.

Even though the hotel is literally out of this world, it's not the first of its kind to offer a space-themed experience.

Not too long ago Disney World in Orlando also opened an immersive experience attraction, called the Galactic Starcruiser, which offer bedrooms that are designed like space ships.

Those looking for a quirky travel experience can also spend a night in a UFO in Pembrokeshire where you can enjoy some time gazing at the stars.

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