Brits ‘losing minds’ over confusing United Airlines tube advert about pants

Thousands of Brits use the London Underground each day to get to work or the best sights.

It’s pretty normal while using the tube to get around to spot adverts on the walls.

These can be for beer, dating apps and books as well as the latest shows and comedy nights in London.

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The adverts are often eye catching, but a United Airlines display has left British commuters baffled.

Twitter user Iris Goldsztajn shared a snap of it to social media leaving people guessing at what it means.

Iris captioned the snap: “Please what does this mean I am LOSING my MIND.”

In the advertisement, a young child wearing jeans can be seen doing a cartwheel in a park.

Above the United Airlines logo a sentence reads: “Fly to more than 200 places where you can wear pants outside.”

Next to this the advert said: “Fly United Airlines to more than 200 destinations across the US.”

Hundreds of people liked the photo and shared their bafflement in the comments.

Iris added: “Literally some of the smartest people I know could not figure it out.

“I lived in the US for five years and write in US English every day of my life but this requires switching languages???”

The Food Minded Mama said: “As a marketing copywriter, this makes my head hurt.”

While Miche Travels added: ‘Poor marketing. Not researching their audience & rellly knowing who they are targeting.

“Someone probably thought it was ‘cute’ and just went with it.”

A woman called Tamika said: “After thinking about this for hours, I believe they're trying to encourage travellers to go to places besides beach destinations.

“Most of the previous ads show people in bathing suits and beach attire showing a lot of skin.

“And this brings us to ‘where you can wear pants outside’.”

However, she was incorrect as United Airlines weighed in to explain the advert.

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The United Airlines Twitter account said: “We’re here to clear up confusion! This is an ad running in London only.

“In the UK, pants = underwear.

“In the US, pants = what you wear on your legs outside.

“This ad shows that yes, we really are two nations separated by a common language and that we can help get UK-based travellers to destinations across the US…where wearing ‘pants’ is totally acceptable.”

However, not everyone was taken with the explanation.

Adventure Animal replied: “Wow that requires quite a bit of cultural knowledge to get the wordplay.”

Claire Grinton added: “As an American in London who knows the whole pants/underwear thing, I still couldn’t figure this out.

“But the bigger question is why it would be a selling point to wear (American English) pants outdoors anyway.”

Jessica McEwan noted: “It’s a clever thought, but it’s a pretty long walk to get there.”


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