Best value ski resort for Brits has £1.17 beers and lift passes under £30 a day

Brits who love to ski – or want to learn – don’t need to be put off by the price this year. While the cost of some French and Italian ski resorts are sky high there are some hotspots around Europe where you can hit the slopes for a bargain and find pints from just £1.17.

Research shows that Brits spend between £500 and £750 on average on a ski trip. The Alps and American resorts still top the list of the most popular skiing destinations but they’re pricy with costly drinks, hotels and lift passes. Thankfully, if you’re looking for a new, cheap destination then you don’t need to go far as a resort in Bulgaria offers top slopes at rock bottom prices.

Borovets in Bulgaria game in at the top of eurochange’s best value ski resorts thanks to its low prices. The resort in the Rila mountains is a real all-rounder with gentle beginner slopes, higher routes for the diamond skiers and a buzzing nightlife for those apres ski moments.

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Ski passes start from just £29 per day (£143.75 for six days) working out hundreds cheaper than some of the more expensive resorts, not to mention ski rental for that time costs around £60.22. Your accommodation is fairly cheap too at a price from £52.45 per night – although we found a studio on from a tiny £29 per night between two people which is just £14.50 each.

If you wanted to stay for six nights in total that means you’d pay just £87 each for your room for the week. Flights won’t break the bank either as the closest airport to the resort is Sofia Airport.

You can get return flights for a little as £26 from the UK with Wizz Air according to Skyscanner. That means with the cheapest flight and accommodation you could spend six nights at Borovets for just £113 each.

Your spending won’t stop there of course as you’ll need food, drink and – if you partake – some booze to warm you up. According to eurochage, a beer in Borovets will set you back just £1.17 while a glass of wine costs from £2.33.

That’s not the most impressive part though as according to the study you can tuck into a three-course meal for a tiny £5.83. Yes, for cheaper than the cost of a McDonalds meal in Britain.

Borovets isn’t just all bargain booze though it also boasts incredible views, forest surroundings and you can also hike the the gorgeous glacial Icy Lake. Ski and snowboard runs cover the mountain – 24 trails to be exact – for you to speed down and the resort is one of Bulgaria’s most popular ski destinations, at the foot of 9,500ft Mount Musala, the highest peak in the Balkan region.

The cosy ski village is always covered in thick snow and there are plenty of traditional and modern restaurants plus snug bars with open fires. There are mountain top restaurants too with great prices and views.

Laura Evans-Fisk, head of digital and engagement at eurochange, comments: "Skiing can be a very expensive holiday, especially for families. However, there are some fantastic resorts out there offering surprisingly reasonable prices, without compromising on those amazing views and fantastic ski runs.

"Borovets in Bulgaria came out on top as the cheapest ski resort. It’s definitely an underrated destination, with unbelievably low prices for food and drink, and a whole week lift pass for less than £150."

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