A New Decade in Travel ·

A New Decade in Travel

2020 was once a far distant future….

That is now today.

Recent weeks have been challenging for many in and outside of our industry with many people left hurting. Our hearts do go out to them. I’m uplifted by the generosity and desire to support that adversity is bringing out in people. Hard work ahead for many but Aussies and Kiwi’s are not known for shying from challenges. Like everyone, STUBA will do what we can and are here to help.

12 months ago I became CIO of STUBA. Hundreds of hours of Skype calls, meetings, specifications, hiring, 3 AM server restarting, 5 trips to India later…. Our global management team has converged decades of accommodation experience; we understand who we are, what we need to do and how we need to do it.

For travel agents.

In a glamorous and glossy industry, “Project Beige” pokes fun at ourselves. In STUBA tech, what we do is boring to everybody else but we are immensely proud of it; a philosophy we live of “geek sheik with accents of beige”.



I don’t just talk beige, I walk it, or drive it, personified in my low mileage 2008 Honda Accord. It somewhat boringly but reliably delivers a very comfortable motoring experience. I do covet fancy cars, but I don’t need one.


Mark Luckey living the dream that is his much loved 2008 Honda Accord


Travel Agents might want “sexy”, but they need reliable, transparent and accredited. As STUBA CIO, I’m the “beige” geek you can rely on. Cup of tea anyone?

Our commitment to “beige” means you can rely on STUBA to deliver. We know it’s the agent interface with the public that needs to glitter and shine.

We’ve been saying it for awhile now.


Stuba has worked very hard to be the most boring, yet most reliable wholesaler in the Pacific region. We make beige shine



We live in challenging and interesting times, but never before have we had access to so much technology, information and a decade of experience.

May you do the best you can with it for you and yours and grow and propsper.

On behalf of everyone at STUBA, happy 2020 and the decade ahead




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