Cruise guests expose worst type of ‘frustrating’ cruise passenger- ‘drives me crazy’

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While many people make lifelong friends on a cruise holiday, others can’t wait to escape the other guests when the ship docks. A reddit thread exposed some of the worst types of cruise passenger.

Reddit user Scott2G posted: “What are your cruising pet peeves?” opening a Pandora’s Box of annoying cruise habits.

They said: ‘It drives me crazy when fellow passengers seem to have no spatial awareness and just stand there completely blocking a walkway.

“Then you say excuse me and they look at you like you’re the a*e.”

Sjw_7 agreed: “So maybe I’m ‘that’ person, but when they are standing in front of me I say ‘Walkway’ or ‘doorway’ or whatever it is and then just keep walking.

“Right into them. Don’t care. Don’t block the f*g way. Recently did this to a couple who stepped off an escalator and then just stood there.”

Blocking walkways or doorways on the boat is a surefire way to irritate other cruise passengers.

Reddit user notmylesdev said: “As a younger person who goes on more Premium/Luxury lines, people who look at me like I don’t belong there.

“I paid the same amount as you, I deserve to be there just as much as you, leave me be and stop staring or waiting for me to make a mistake.”

Several younger cruise passengers said they felt that elderly cruise guests had been judgemental of their age.

Prinzka said: “Yeah, I get the feeling a lot of people think you shouldn’t cruise until you’re retired.

“I made good money and I’m spending that s*** on myself while I’m still young.”

GrumpyPoutine said: “Couldn’t agree more. I’ve had retirees get visibly angry with me once they found out I wasn’t part of the crew.

“It’s sad and frustrating because I would never tell them ‘you should have cruised when you were able to actually enjoy hiking’”.

One passenger said they’d been directed to the crew gangway before as staff thought they were too young to be a guest.

According to the Cruise Lines International Association, the average age of a cruise passenger is 47.

Passenger demographics will vary on different cruise lines with some catering to an older audience while others are family focused.

Most cruise lines are all inclusive with passengers able to fill up on as much food and drink as they want.

As a result, the ship restaurant is often the epicentre of cruise drama as passengers fall out over buffet etiquette.

DrLaura12 said: “People who overfill their buffet plates with food they will never eat and throw it away.

“It’s okay to sample new dishes but you don’t have to take enough to feed a family of six by yourself.”

LittleOrangeCat agreed, saying: “You don’t have to try to get your money’s worth out of the cruise by taking five pounds of shrimp.”

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