Passport Online reveals the posts that work

Passport Online, which provides website, content, marketing and social media solutions for travel advisors, has analyzed its data for 2019 and found the top-performing kind of posts on social media as well as evidence that Facebook remains relevant.

In social media, “famous quotes coupled with eye-catching photos are the way to go,” Passport online said in a statement. Its three posts with the most shares were all quotes.

The top was a Bob Marley quote: “If travel was free, you would never see me again.” Coupled with a photo of a woman lounging near water, the image was shared 1,066 times.

Passport Online operates ESP, a product that posts to Facebook for agents. It powered more than 1,600 agency Facebook business pages with nearly 2 million followers by the end of 2019.

Jeanne Colombo, vice president of strategic partnerships, said Facebook remains relevant: Overall views for a single post were up in 2019. Additionally, average shares for a single post were up 17%, and average likes for a single post were up 14%.

According to Travel Weekly’s 2019 Travel Industry Survey, 94% of travel advisors who use social media as a marketing tool use Facebook. In a distant second place is Facebook-owned Instagram (52%).

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