Forget pizza or pasta, burgers or burritos – because Australia’s favourite takeaway food comes in the form of dumplings, dim sims and a side of fried rice.

A Google-generated map showing the world’s favourite cuisines has dropped, and while pizza and sushi have ranked as the favourite takeaway cuisine in other parts of the world, Chinese food has been crowned as Australia’s favourite.

The most popular takeaway choices around the world.Source:Supplied

The map, which was created by UK insurance website MoneyBeach, used Google data to establish the average monthly search volume in each country for terms associated with ordering a takeaway.

The insurance company said the most-searched for takeaway choice was then used as the top takeout cuisine for the country.

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For Australians (and New Zealanders), this is what we like to have for takeaway most.Source:Supplied

Around the world, pizza was the most common favourite – with Germany, Finland, Norway, France, Italy, Spain, Argentina, Peru and even India rating the cuisine as their favourite.

Australia’s love for Chinese food was also observed across the ditch in New Zealand as well as in the US, China, UK, Greece, Colombia and Bolivia.

Sushi came in as the second most popular takeaway cuisine around the world – with Sweden, Portugal, Japan and Brazil all naming the tasting dish as their countries favourite.

Fiji named fish and chips as its most ordered takeaway, with Canada also naming the dish as its favourite cheat meal.

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This is what residents in Asia like to eat.Source:Supplied

In a statement, Mike Rees, the CEO of, said a recent competition where the winner got paid to taste-test festive takeaway options is what triggered their search for the world’s most popular takeaway dishes.

“A good takeout has become even more important this year as many have largely been unable to eat out, and it has been interesting to find that two choices (pizza and Chinese food) are head and shoulders above the competition,” he said.

Chinese food has been voted as Australia’s favourite in a new UK study based on Google search results for each country in relation to takeaway foods. Picture: Brendan RadkeSource:News Corp Australia

It’s no secret that in recent times Australians have truly embraced online food delivery services such as UberEats, Deliveroo and Menulog.

According to The New Daily, 9.4 million Australians are now registered users of online food delivery services, according to business data platform Statista.

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