Woman reveals ‘genius’ tip for fitting 7 days’ worth of clothes in carry-on

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A woman shared a handy travel hack to keep a week's worth of clothes nice and tidy in a carry-on luggage.

Lora McLaughlin Peterson, TV host and lifestyle vlogger, said the trick is a no brainer to her when it comes to packing and unpacking during trips.

She suggested using a foldable "wardrobe" – and she picked a 7-shelf collapsible fabric "wardrobe".

The 51-year-old said: "Just fold your outfits and place each day's outfit on the shelf. Now just collapse it into your luggage.

"When you arrive at your destination, pull it out and hang it up and you're all done."

Her video has amassed more than 1.2million views since she posted it on February 3.

Lora, who previously shared a mashed potato cooking tip on TikTok, called it her "favourite travel hack".

"There's room on both ends, the hanger is fabric and has some give for a pair of shoes and toiletry bag," she added.

Some viewers loved the idea and said they would give it a try.

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"This is genius! I love it," one said and a second added: "Totally cool this is a very good idea. We should have figured that out years ago!"

But others were more dubious about the practicality.

"This takes up too much space in the luggage, it's a hard no for me," a viewer pointed out.

Another shared her thought, saying: "But where do I put my 47 pairs of underwear I randomly bring just in case."

"You are assuming I know what I want to wear each day and I have not packed four different outfits in case I don't like the one I picked," a third chimed in.

Lora also advised to use a pill box to store jewellery, keeping small items like rings and earrings secured in separate compartments.

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