Woman ‘berated’ on plane for refusing to swap seats so couple can sit together

We’ve all been sat in unfavourable seats on a plane before as it often costs extra money to choose a specific one.

Sometimes this means you have to sit separately from your friends and family.

While other times it means you get the aisle instead of the window.

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But, one woman claims she refused to move seats for a fellow passenger who demanded she let her and her husband sit side-by-side.

TikTok creator @ceooftenlikes, who has 13.2k followers and over 1.2m likes, went viral after sharing the story online.

She claimed that a woman demanded she give up her seat at the front of the plane for one at the back during her Los Angeles to Sydney flight.

The influencer noted: “In 2012, I'm flying on an overnighter from LAX to Sydney.

“I’m sitting on an aisle seat somewhere towards the front of the plane, which was purposefully chosen.

"One because I was flying by myself – super anxious. And two, that anxiety turns into a bubbling bowel situation.

"I'm getting myself set up in the aisle seat, so I can sleep for most of the flight, and then a lady in her 50s comes up to me and – I didn't know she was talking to me – she practically had to shout 'excuse me' for me to open my eyes and look up.”

She continued with her story: “I was having none of it because I had just had such a s****y time connecting from LaGuardia to LAX in the first place, so I was in no mood – and it was really late at night by this point.

"She goes on to ask if I would swap seats with her at the back of the plane because she and her husband were pushed from a previous flight and they wanted to sit together."

While the TikTok poster said she would usually say yes she decided to refuse because she had chosen her seat specifically for her needs.

She added: "[The woman] then goes onto lecture me about how inconsiderate it is that I don't swap with her when it wasn't their fault to begin with and they were bumped from a previous flight.

"At this point, I stare at her as she's berating me like she's my mum, and I basically just turn away and go back to sleep."

But, the row wasn’t over as the woman’s husband then pushed past her “huffily” as his wife convinced someone to swap seats with the one next to her.

She apparently overheard the woman exclaim: "Thank you so much! You know what? If it was me, I would have swapped, but thank you being so kind."

In the end she the viral poster added: “The lesson here is you can ask people if they can swap with you, but they don't have to say yes. It doesn't make them a bad person because it has somehow inconvenienced you.”

And, in the comments many agreed with her.

One person wrote: “People need to start picking the seats they want and quit asking others to move.”

“Wild that people who spend every moment of their gd lives together can’t sit separately for a plane ride,” joked another.

While a third added: “The entitlement! The expectation! If the shoe were on the other foot, they wouldn’t think twice about saying no.”

What would you do in this situation? Tell us in the comments section…


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