Spain holiday warning as the Balearic Islands face extreme weather

Tropical Storm Hermine forms in in Atlantic near Canary Islands

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Spain has been hit by extreme weather this past week and some spots have experienced severe torrential rain and flooding.

Majorca, one of Britain’s most popular holiday destinations, has seen its beaches severely damaged after strong winds and torrential rain this past week.

The Spanish weather agency Aemet advised people to take special care as more strong winds and rain are expected this week.

Meterored reported that winds of up to 121 km/h will hit the islands at the beginning of the week and there will be torrential rain of “moderate risk”.

The weather agency explained: “Be careful. Stay informed of the latest weather forecast.

“Moderate damage can be caused to people and property, especially those who are vulnerable or in areas exposed to the phenomenon.”

Heavy rain is also expected in the north of Ibiza as well as large waves in Majorca.

The stormy weather has hit some popular holiday resorts these past few days with beach bars, hotels and restaurants badly damaged by flooding.

Streets in some parts of Majorca turned into rivers and cars were swept away after full nights of continuous rain.

The most affected areas are the south east of Majorca and the access roads to some popular beaches around the island.

The resort of Cala Santanyí, Cala Figuera, Campos and Portocolom were some of the areas which saw over 100 litres of rain per square metre and other parts of Majorca also saw power cuts during the weekend.

Santanyi’s mayor, Maria Pons, commented: “We are trying to reestablish normality as soon as possible with the municipal cleaning company and with people who help us.

“We are also in contact with the electricity companies to see if they can reestablish the supply as soon as possible.”

The weather agency Aemet also issued an alert for all Canary Islands due to a tropical cyclone approaching this week.

Flights were cancelled on Sunday, airport operator Aena said, as storm Hermine moved in from over the Atlantic, bringing heavy rains to the popular holiday destination.

At least 62 flights were cancelled from Tenerife North Airport while 23 were cut from La Palma.

Around 20 flights were cancelled at El Hierro Airport, eight at Lanzarote and four from La Gomera.

Rainfall flooded streets across the Canary Islands and some roads were blocked by fallen trees.

Aemet issued a red weather alert for Gran Canaria, La Palma and El Hierro and Government closed schools on Monday.

El Hierro is offering accommodation to tourists who are unable to leave after a cancelled flight.

One tourist tweeted on Sunday: “When you’re on Gran Canaria and there’s the worst weather since the past 10 years and your flight is now supposed to go over 15 hours later and it’s not even for sure.”

Additional reporting from Rita Sobot

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