Vail Resorts offers $13M to settle class action wage and labor lawsuits in California

By Kelli Duncan, Vail Daily

Vail Resorts has extended a $13.1 million offer to settle five wage and labor lawsuits filed in California, a step that could have implications for a similar lawsuit filed in Colorado and for anyone who has worked on mountains owned by Vail Resorts in recent years.

The California lawsuits are similar in many ways to a putative — or proposed — class action lawsuit filed in Colorado District Court back in Dec. of 2020. Both allege that Vail Resorts violated state and federal labor laws in failing to pay reimbursements for equipment, as well as compensation for time staff spent training, in meetings or on meal breaks, getting on the mountain and gearing up before shifts.

However, plaintiffs’ attorneys in the suit filed in Colorado say they would have asked for more than $13.1 million spread across a class of 100,000 people, and they would have asked for policy changes.

Vail Resorts called the settlement offer “appropriate and fair” in an October statement and, in recently filed court documents, attorneys for the California plaintiffs said it was an “excellent monetary result” for eligible employees across the country.

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