UK’s ‘most remote inhabited island’ with 60 locals is looking for a new resident

Brits looking for a change of pace can now pick up work as deckhand on the UK’s most remote inhabited island – which has a tiny population of just 60. The position is being advertised from Fair Isle – a small island located 24 miles from the Shetland mainland in Scotland and historically a fishing and crofting community.

The naturally beautiful island is thought to have been populated from as long as 6,000 years ago and was even owned by Norway in the 14th century. The gorgeous green island surrounded by the blue water of the North Sea is owned by the National Trust for Scotland – who are advertising a new job as a deckhand on the local ferry MV Good Shepherd.

Those who choose to take up the job will get to enjoy island life – from the rolling green pastures to the lighthouses on the cliffs and the white beaches with crystal clear water. While the temperatures aren't exactly balmy the nature makes up for it as the island lies in the migration paths from Scandinavia, Iceland and Faroe – and so sees rare birds, seals and even porpoises on its shores.

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The island population is said to be ''thrilled to meet some new faces and are eager to highlight the ways the successful candidate can become involved in local life''.

"It’s an opportunity to be part of a living community, which is rare nowadays," said James Stout, a fourth-generation resident of Fair Isle. It’s a community looking to the future."

The National Trust will also be providing a family home on the island to the successful applicant, provided they meet the charity’s rental criteria – so you'll get to make the move to the stunning Scottish island without having to worry about where to live or how to get settled. So, you can head straight to the pub and get to know your new neighbours – it won't take long!

Clea Warner, the National Trust for Scotland’s Regional Director for the Highlands and Islands, said: "Having been in Fair Isle myself at the beginning of October, I know very well what a beautiful and friendly place it is. For anyone who loves outdoors and wildlife, there’s no place like it, the community are very dynamic and welcoming, and committed to keeping Fair Isle as a thriving place to live.

"The new job opening on the island is a fantastic opportunity to be part of this amazing place for themselves. It’s always pleasing to see job opportunities come up in Fair Isle.

"Our charity continues to engage with the community and with organisations such as Highlands & Islands Enterprise and Shetland Islands Council to support the sustainability of this island, which it’s our privilege to care for and share. We hope that the new ferry job advertised will attract plenty of interest and look forward to welcoming the successful applicant to the island."

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