Travel expert shares convenient airport parking tip to save money

Parking charges are impossible to avoid when leaving a vehicle at the airport and they can quickly inflate the total cost of a holiday.

Of course, keeping the car on site is the safest and most convenient solution when driving to catch a flight, but it’s not always the cheapest.

According to an analysis of prices from Creditfix, a debt firm, the cost has more than doubled at many UK airports, including London Gatwick.

The experts found that prices had soared by 260 percent in just one year – from £95 to £355 for a two-week stay.

However, according to travel expert Rob Staines, who has teamed up with Post Office, there is a much more “cost-effective” way to keep a vehicle safe for the duration of a holiday.

He told “In a survey by Post Office Travel, 74 percent of people said their holiday was the highlight of their year.

“Park, stay and fly is a sure way to ensure that the all-important holiday gets off to a relaxed start.

“Airport parking is generally not cheap, but, as with a package holiday, sometimes adding on a hotel can make convenient savings, especially with your time!

“Some hotels will allow you to stay either before or after your trip and leave your car in their onsite car park or at a trusted nearby facility.”

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Rob noted that it is not only a “very cost-effective” way to keep a vehicle secure while on holiday, but also more convenient for those who have awkward flight times.

He said: “I recently did this for a very early flight to Spain. The night before the flight I stayed the night in a four-star hotel which allowed me to leave my car there for the week I was away, for just £50 extra.

“They even offered free breakfast for kids as standard! I saved the hassle and stress of waking up at an ungodly time to get to the airport car park – and it would have been double the price to book a hotel and airport car parking separately.

“It made for a relaxed and refreshing start to my holiday and something I would recommend checking out, especially if you have a long journey to the airport”.

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Safety is still paramount when finding the best park, stay and fly package, so it’s important to do some research before booking.

Rob urged travellers to always ensure they are booking through an official website, which is easy to spot by cross-referencing the URL address.

He noted that it is also wise to only ever pay with a credit card and also look for some online discount codes that will reduce the price further.

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