Most popular country for British expats is ‘perfect for retirement’

A study by Retirement Solutions revealed that Spain is where most Britons want to relocate to and there are “plenty of places in Spain that are perfect for retirement”, the experts said.

According to travel gurus at Internationalliving, the best part of living in Spain, besides its “beautiful beaches and countryside” and “warm climate”, is its “affordable living”.

The travel experts suggested four popular areas to relocate to in Spain: Costa Blanca, Valencia, Andalusia and Galicia.

Costa Blanca, located on the southeastern coast of Spain, is known for “its beautiful beaches, mild climate, and affordable cost of living”.

The region is a very popular destination for retirees from the UK as is home to several “charming towns, such as Altea and Moraira, which offer a relaxed, Mediterranean lifestyle”. There are also plenty of opportunities for outdoor activities, such as hiking, golfing, and watersports.

Valencia, on the eastern coast of Spain, offers a “high quality of life at a lower cost than other major Spanish cities,” where retirees can enjoy a range of outdoor activities and delicious cuisine.

Andalusia, in southern Spain, is known for “its rich history, stunning architecture and warm weather”. The region is also famous for its flamenco music and renowned cuisine, including tapas.

Galicia, on the northwest corner of Spain, offers a “slower pace of life with a focus on family, community and nature” and the main cities are Santiago de Compostela and A Coruña.

The study revealed that Spain was followed by Australia, with Sydney being one of the best cities for British expats with an average temperature of around 17C in the coldest winter months.

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Portugal came in third spot with Algarve boasting beautiful beaches and being one of the most affordable options for retirees in Europe.

Thailand, in particular Chiang Mai, offers breathtaking scenery and very peaceful living. Alternatively, the island of Koh Samui has stunning white beaches and a strong sense of community, so “it’s the perfect place to retire if you’re keen for a tropical environment,” the experts opined.

A spokesperson from Retirement Solutions commented on the results saying: “There are many ways to spend your retirement, whether that be picking up new hobbies or becoming more active.

“But one thing that many people may not get to experience as well as they’d like to is visiting different countries and exploring new cultures. For this reason, retiring abroad is very appealing to many Brits. It’s interesting to see the variety of countries that make the top 10, from Canada with its cold climate and scenic mountains to Greece which offers plenty of sunshine and peaceful beaches.”

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Top 10 countries Britons want to spend their retirement in:

  1. Spain
  2. Australia
  3. Portugal
  4. Thailand
  5. Canada
  6. France
  7. India
  8. New Zealand
  9. Italy
  10. Greece

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