The safest country in the world is a leading tourist destination – full list

‌Planning a holiday for 2024? A new ranking has revealed the safest countries in the world for women solo travellers.

The travel expert team at Bounce analysed countries around the world to find the safest destinations for women travelling alone. The team looked at the countries’ safety index scores, how women felt about walking alone at night, domestic violence laws and more to find the results.

Luckily for UK travellers the safest country is just a short hop from the UK and it’s already a favourite British holiday destination.

Spain topped the rankings as the safest destination for British women travelling alone. The sunny hotspot welcomes more than 15 million Britons for holidays every year.

So where else made the list?

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The UK’s leading holiday destination, Spain is also the safest country in the world for women travelling alone. Nearly 80 percent of women said they felt safe walking alone at night and the country also scored highly on the safety index.

Top destinations include the sunny Costa del Sol, the Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands. Seville was recently named Europe’s most walkable destination.


The first Nordic country on the list, Norway had the highest percentage of women who feel safe walking at night. The country has a low crime rate and high gender equality.

Many tourists head to the far north of the country to see whales and the Northern Lights while cruise ships are a common sight in the fjords.


Rounding off the top three, the Netherlands scored highly in the safety index and just under three quarters of women felt safe walking alone at night. While Amsterdam is the country’s most popular destination, there are plenty of other spots to discover. Check out Rotterdam for a buzzing foodie scene or find out why preferred a hidden gem to Amsterdam.

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Just a ferry ride away from the UK, Ireland took fourth place on the list. The Emerald Isle has a low crime rate and a low gender pay gap. Donegal, in the northwest of the country, was recently named as one of Lonely Planet’s best destinations to travel in 2024.


Beautiful Austria has a low crime rate and nearly 80 percent of women felt safe walking alone at night. Many tourists travel to Vienna, which is frequently named as the world’s most liveable city.


Slovenia landed just outside the top five. The small country scored well on the safety index ranking and has a low crime rate. The pretty capital city, Ljubljana is known for its riverside cocktail bars while nearby Lake Bled is a peaceful oasis.


Switzerland scored well on the safety index and more than 80 percent of women said they felt safe walking alone at night. Known for its mountain scenery and breathtaking lakes, Switzerland also has some of the world’s cleanest air.


Easily accessible on a short flight or train from the UK, Belgium took eighth spot on the list. The small country scored well on the gender pay gap rating and has a reasonably low crime. Brussels and Bruges are two of the country’s most popular destinations but Britons will have to cope with crowds in each hotspot.


One of Europe’s leading beach destinations, Portugal just made the top 10 due to its high ranking on the safety index and low crime rate. The country is also one of Western Europe’s most affordable destinations, frequently topping Post Office Travel Money affordability rankings.


The last country on the list, Sweden has a low gender pay gap and a reasonably low crime rate. More than 60 percent of women felt safe walking alone at night in the Scandinavian country. As the country has short daylight hours in winter, city centres are often very well lit.

‌Check the Foreign Office Travel Advice before travelling abroad. Situations can change rapidly and with little warning.

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