Flight attendant warns they ‘can’t help’ passengers who make cabin mistakes

There are lots of mistakes we can make when travelling to go abroad. Packing banned foods or items or even bringing a bag that doesn't fit budget airline rules can all cause issues.

Other major mistakes include having a ripped passport or mouldy documents. However, a flight attendant has explained that she thinks the worst mistake passengers make is stuffing their cabin bag too full.

CiCi, a cabin crew member, said that the problem is made worse when those who overpack are very small. This is because flight attendants won’t help you to get your bag into the overhead lockers.

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Speaking to Insider, CiCi said: "The number one thing, especially for tiny women, is to make sure you can pick that bag up and put it in the overhead bin."

The flight attendant claims that when she’s packing she adjusts what she brings if her bag begins to be difficult to lift. She added: "Because of our job, we're not supposed to pick up people's bags. If we do that, it puts strain on our body. But a lot of people don't realise that."

So, if you pack your cabin bag to be so full that you can’t lift it then it may be placed in the hold. A friendly fellow passenger might offer to help you – but it’s best to avoid anyone getting hurt to help you out!

Recently, one woman vowed never to return to the UK after a mistake left her £236 out of pocket.

US traveller Chloe Jade Meltzer, 29, was transferring through Heathrow Airport hen she said she experienced the "brutal" British airline rules.

The young woman was forced to get rid of half of her toiletries because they would not fit in the standard plastic bag. She said: "London Heathrow has a history of losing bags and I could not risk not having my bag. So I had to take all of my toiletries, which were all within the 100ml limit.

"However, last time I connected through Heathrow, I had the same exact toiletry bag and they allowed me to fill up multiple bags with all of the same toiletries that I had on this day. But this time they gave me one tiny bag and I was required to only fill that one bag."

She lost hundreds of pounds worth of liquids – and is a warning to all of us to double check all travel rules before flying. It’s very important to know the rules and regulations of any country you are travelling to. All UK airports except London City currently require you to have liquids in 100ml bottles with a total of no more than one litre.

Airports will be changing to new technology that lets you keep your liquids in your bag and have up to two litres of toiletries by 2024. London City has already switched to this policy – and you can check if your airport has too by looking it up on the airport’s website.

All airlines and airports will list their security requirements on their websites. Plus, you can check travel advice on the gov.uk website.

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