People slam ‘entitled’ woman who painted her nails during three-hour flight
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    There are so many unwritten rules around what's acceptable on a flight, and while cabin crew have revealed their flight secrets to being a dreamy passenger, some people don't always get the memo.

    One such person is a woman who previously sparked a debate online after she was spotted painting her nails during a flight. The passenger was sitting on an easyJet plane casually painting her long fingernails with a bottle of nail varnish.

    While the action is usually not one to cause an issue in the confined space of a plane nobody wants to be bothered by strong smells. An image of the woman painting her nails was posted on Reddit, titled: "This woman painting her nails on a 3 hour plane journey."

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    Explaining the situation, a fellow passenger wrote: "Every half hour she'd open it up and apply a new coat. My brother, who has special needs and is very sensitive to smells, was with me and was close to vomiting. It's a literal solvent in the air. It's inconsiderate, and basic plane etiquette to not release solvents into the air."

    They claim that they asked the woman to stop along with four other holidaymakers and a cabin crew member, but she refused. The poster said: “By the time the FA got involved she was doing the top coat. Ironically enough, it didn't smell as bad as the colour coat.” In the comments, people ripped into the woman’s behaviour.

    One person wrote: "If you all asked her to stop and she didn't – that's even worse that her lack of awareness." Another replied describing the behaviour as "self entitlement to an extreme degree", while a third said that "the fumes can be literally nauseating in an enclosed space for people with keen noses", adding that it can give some people headaches even when in a well ventilated area.

    But, not everyone understood the problem. One woman said: “I didn’t see the issue at first either, I think nail varnish smells lovely, I’m just now learning that most people do not share my opinion.”

    “I like the smell of nail polish, too,” noted another. But, the overall opinion was that painting your nails on a flight is a huge faux-pas..

    A commenter noted: "People like this make me realise how overly considerate I am. My brain can't comprehend this level of entitlement and selfishness."

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    It's not the first time that passengers have been slammed for causing nasty smells in a flight – people regularly complain of fellow travellers who take their shoes off and get their stinky feet out. One flight attendant has begged people to keep their shoes on during their journeys, but says it's not actually because of the smell.

    Over on TikTok, cabin crew member Cierra Mistt warned that you should never take your shoes off while on-board – especially if you're not wearing socks. The US cabin crew member commented: "For the love of baby Jesus, keep your shoes on. Our planes are dirty and the liquid that you see on the bathroom floor is not water." Other flight attendants have previously confirmed that the liquid is, in fact, urine for the most part.

    There's no denying that getting bare feet out on a flight can be offputting for others. In fact, one mum recently raged when she caught the man sitting behind her son resting his "pig trotter" feet on the window next to her teen's head.

    What would you do in this situation? Tell us in the comments…

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