The ‘prime seat’ to book on a plane for a ‘restorative sleep’

Getting a good night’s sleep on a plane can be a challenge. Whether it’s a screaming baby or a lack of legroom, flights aren’t usually the optimum environment for a nap.

However, following a few simple tricks could help passengers nod off. Martin Seeley, CEO and sleep expert at MattressNextDay, shared his tips to get a good night’s sleep on a plane.

Martin said passengers should “book a prime seat for the most restorative sleep”. He said: “Did you know there is a prime place to sleep on a plane?

“Firstly, you should avoid the toilets as that’s where people tend to chat. Instead, you should pick a seat in the same row as the wing.

“Not only is this likely to be the quietest area but as the wing is usually where the emergency exit is based, you’ll have more legroom.

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“However, if you’re flying long haul, make sure to book the front of the plane as you’ll be served your food first and are more likely to disembark first, which is why attendants recommend those seats for people looking to sleep.”

Passengers seated at the front of the plane may also find it easier to sleep as they won’t be disturbed by the attendants serving food to other travellers.

Martin added: “If you are looking to sleep on a plane, always opt for water instead of alcohol. While it may be easier for you to drift off, alcohol usually disrupts your sleep and lowers the quality, making you more tired in the morning.

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“And, if you’ve ever had a scratchy throat on a plane, that’s because the air is notoriously dry on a plane. This can make it harder to fall asleep, therefore, drinking water before and throughout your flight will not only alleviate these problems but make it easier for you to fall asleep.”

Avoiding alcohol could help passengers have a more comfortable flight while drinking water will help them to stay healthy.

Martin said: “Clock changes can significantly affect your sleep due to the changes in daylight hours.

“As there is more light, we don’t produce as much melatonin which is a hormone that helps you sleep. But, by changing your watch as soon as you board the plane, you can sleep and act according to that time zone.

“If you are flying long haul, we recommend adjusting to the new time zone around two to three days before you fly to regulate your new sleep routine.”

Adjusting a watch will help passengers become adapted to their new time zone and avoid jet lag.

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