Popular tourist attraction slammed as too crowded

The world’s top tourist attractions are famous for a reason. But one of France’s leading attractions has been slammed by some tourists who said it was far too crowded.

The decadent Versailles Palace is world famous as the former royal residence of King Louis XIV and Marie Antoinette. Versailles’ Hall of Mirrors is one of the palace’s top drawers with 357 ornate mirrors.

At the time it was built, the Palace cost nearly a quarter of France’s annual income to maintain so it’s hardly a surprise many residents weren’t too happy with the royal lifestyle.

Nowadays, nearly 15 million tourists visit the Palace each year to explore its lavish rooms, extensive gardens and difficult history.

According to some tourists, the Palace is far too busy to enjoy. One visitor took to Reddit to say they had the “worst” time on their visit to Versailles.

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The tourist ‘cfsed_98’ said: “Versailles was the worst, everyone shuffling through the halls one teeny step at a time in the sweltering heat. God forbid anyone in the line stopped to take pics. Everyone for three miles would be stopped. The crowd legitimately ruined Versailles for me.”

Another tourist said: “I knew it would be busy, but it was a massive bucket list visit for me. There were so many people inside the palace that I could see way more people than the actual rooms and treasures. The Hall of Mirrors had no magic for me due to crowds and we felt like cattle being herded.”

A visitor ‘OCS77’ wrote on Tripadvisor: “Overcrowded and overpriced. Would I come again? Probably not.”

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However, visitors did have more praise for Versailles’ gardens which many found to be a more enjoyable experience.

A tourist wrote on Reddit: “I found the grounds so much more beautiful and fascinating than the actual palace. The palace itself was very crowded and if I had waited hours to see it without also seeing the beautiful grounds, I would have hated the experience too.”

Another tourist said they “loved the gardens” and described it as a “highlight” of their trip while one person said the grounds meant they “really enjoyed” the day despite the crowds.

Versailles’ gardens are a marvel of horticulture and thousands of men took part in the project when they were first designed. Trees were transported from different regions of France.

The garden requires replanting every 100 years to maintain its design. Highlights include the Royal Promenade and the fountains.

Paris isn’t the only city to suffer from overcrowding, one of London’s most famous royal attractions has also struggled with numbers.

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