Not clear at all’: Britons hit with frustrating travel restrictions as lists change

Gillian Keegan grilled on UK's 'chaotic' travel restrictions

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A new YouGov survey has found that most adults in the UK find the travel rules laid out by the Government “unclear.” On July 27, YouGov asked 4,500 UK adults: “How clear, if at all, do you find the current rules around travelling abroad?”

Britons have been hit with changing travel restrictions this week amid updates and the Government shelving plans for an amber watchlist. A new YouGov survey has found that most adults in the UK find the travel rules laid out by the Government “unclear.”

Only a third of UK adults find the rules clear, with 59 percent saying the rules aren’t clear and 24 percent going one step further and declaring the rules “not clear at all.”

The survey found that the understanding of travel rules had nothing to do with age, region or differences in household income, as UK adults seem to all be equally confused.

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Back in June, YouGov released the findings of a similar survey, asking people from 17 countries “How clear are travel guidelines across the world?”

Europeans across the board were as befuddled as UK adults, with between 27 to 37 percent of people finding the rules clear in Germany, France, Spain, Italy, Denmark and Sweden.

Travel restrictions were unclear to more than half of the adult population of these countries, giving UK adults, at least, the satisfaction to know they are not the only ones who can’t keep up with their country’s travel requirements.

Countries where adults found travel rules clear were tough on entry.

In Australia, Singapore and China, the majority of people found travel restrictions clear.

All of the aforementioned countries have closed borders, leaving little doubt as to what was acceptable in terms of travel.

Even so, 21 to 32 percent of respondents in Australia, China and Singapore still found the rules unclear.

The clear winner in terms of clarity was the UAE’s Government.

Seventy percent of respondents in the UAE thought the travel rules were clear, the highest number of all the countries quizzed.

The YouGov survey also asked people in the UK their thoughts on staycations versus holidays abroad.

With travel restrictions posing so many problems, staycations have been firm favourites this year.

However, 46 percent of UK adults preferred holidays abroad and found them “usually better.”

There were no follow-up questions, so it would be hard to guess why holidaymakers would rather jet off overseas than explore the UK.

Twenty-seven percent of holidaymakers did not think there was any real differences between overseas holidays and staycations.

And 16 percent actually preferred UK holidays, proving that the country has a lot to offer to holidaymakers.

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