Remote UK airport ‘looks like Barbados’ – but the runway disappears every day
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    An incredible airport exists where the runway disappears completely twice a day – so flights have to take place while the tide is out. Brits won't need to venture far either, as it sits on the coast of Scotland.

    The airport is on the island of Barra in the Outer Hebrides just 40 miles off the next to the sea. Everyday the runway becomes unusable as the tide comes in and it transforms into a public beach when the water floods to cover the sand.

    When the tide goes back out, planes landing in Barra do so directly onto the strip of sandy beach, reports the Daily Mail. Then, the water floods back in again transforming it into a swimming and sunbathing spot again.

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    The fascinating tiny airport was featured in an investigation by Nicky Kelvin, editor of The Points Guy, in his Airplane Mode series. He interviewed two pilots who work for Loganair – the airline that operates un and out of Barra from Glasgow twice each day.

    Captain Laura Roper explained the testing conditions that pilots experience when landing in Barra. She said there are no lights or landing guidance available and they must follow their "own judgement".

    However, she also noted that the sand "cushions the landing". Nicky took a ride in a plane with Laura to experience the Barra landing too.

    He told The Points Guy: "It’s not just the concept that is dramatic and exciting, the actual landing is as amazing as you might imagine. You come in low over some of Scotland’s most stunning islands, with blue seas and white sands that could be mistaken for the Caribbean."

    Barra island has been cheekily nicknamed Barrabados because of its clean, white beaches and bright blue waters.

    It’s not just the beach that has multiple purposes though – apparently the staff do too. Nicky said: "Many of the staff there have multiple roles, and so the same person that might be checking you in at the checking desk is also a firefighter, an air traffic controller and a baggage handler."

    Over on TripAdvisor, tourists who have made the landing themselves also described the epic journey. Chris B said: "Our trip to the Outer Hebrides started with a flight from Glasgow to Barra, landing on the famous Cockleshell beach. This was a bucket list trip for us and many others too I expect. How lucky we were to have high pressure and fabulous views of Scotland all the hour long flight. An unforgettable experience."

    Ruthy from Glasgow added: "Flew from Glasgow to Barra, especially to experience the landing of the small aircraft actually on the beach! No airstrip just the sandy beach. Off my bucket list now. Waited for the plane to make its return journey back and to see it take off from the same beach. Amazing!"

    Susie C, from Dumbarton, noted: "Flew into Barra but headed off to Eriskay so didn't see much of Barra this time but My God what an experience landing and taking off from there, it was spiritual. I'll never forget it, made me emotional leaving it was so beautiful."

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