Moose fight in Steamboat Springs goes viral on video

It’s not unusual for Charley Lodwick and her family to see a mother moose and her calves hanging out in their backyard in Steamboat Springs, but what they witnessed Wednesday night was something new and violent.

Two bull moose got into a brawl in competition for a nearby female, causing significant damage to two vehicles in their driveway. Lodwick, 16, watched the fight with her brother Finn, her mother Sunny Owens and her stepdad, Eric Verploeg.

Lodwick caught much of the duel in a 34-second video posted on Instagram. It shows one moose shoving the other into the driver’s side of her Grand Cherokee, knocking a side view mirror into the air. Seconds later the moose getting the worst of the fight is seen jumping into Verploeg’s pickup truck.

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“There was also a female in the driveway that wasn’t in the video,” Lodwick said. “It’s not super rare for us to see moose in our backyard, but to see two bull moose fighting was incredible.”

The video has gone viral. Owens and Verploeg found that out Thursday when they arrived in Austin, Texas, to visit family.

“By the time we landed in Austin, our local State Farm agent had called and left a message on my husband’s phone,” Owens said. “It was like, ‘Hey, it looks like you might need some help with your car.’”

That’s for sure.

“Mine didn’t seem like it was too bad,” Lodwick said. “Still bummed out, but Eric’s truck is really bad. The back window is broken and the entire driver’s side is destroyed.”

Lodwick has only had her car for two months. Now the driver’s side door and rear gate are dented. She previously was in an accident that totaled her first car when the other driver ran a stop sign.

“I haven’t even had my license for a year,” Lodwick said. “Super bummed that my car is dented up now, because it’s not really worth the cost to get it fixed.”

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