Private jet flight attendant asked to ‘hand feed’ passenger

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A corporate flight attendant, who wished to remain anonymous, told that she has encountered some bizarre situations while working for “rich passengers” on a private jet. She revealed that “one of the weirdest things” was “having to clean up someone’s dog feces”.

The crew member explained she has met many millionaires on the private plane and some had very “unusual” requests while in the air.

The flight attendant revealed the weirdest request she has ever had was “from a Saudi royalty”.

“She asked me if I could hand feed her six-year-old daughter,” she explained. The private crew member admitted she couldn’t come up “with a good excuse” at the time “so I did exactly that”.

“It was quite an odd experience for me,” she said. However, this isn’t the worst passenger she has had.

The VIP crew member explained: “The worst passenger I’ve ever had was a man we picked up from Kentucky, we flew him and his friends to a football game.”

She claimed the passenger, along with his friends, were all intoxicated and “throughout the flight, he spilt four drinks on the carpet”.

The flight attendant also suspected they did some “inappropriate” things as they were constantly “in and out of the lavatory” during the whole flight.

“At one point he pulled me aggressively into the lavatory, and shut the door behind him,” she claimed.

“I immediately charged through the door and went straight to the cockpit to tell the pilots I was uncomfortable. We soon landed the plane and kicked the man off.”

However, the flight attendant admitted she also had some negative experiences with other members of the crew.

She recalled a nightmare flight she had while operating a contract trip over to St Maarten, in the Caribbean. “We [the crew] got in late, we all went our separate ways.

“The following morning my captain showed up drunk,” she claimed.

“I knew he was not sober, or fit to fly. I refused to fly, called the company and they booked me a flight home immediately,” she explained.

Despite everything, the private flight attendant said she loves her job and the best part is that she gets paid “to see the world”.

The average salary of a VIP fight attendant is around £26,353 a year in the UK, according to Glassdoor.

However, it’s very common for private crew members to get generous tips from their rich clients.

Andrew Flaxman, a former business jet pilot who founded jet card broker ExpertJet, said: “As a pilot, we’re tipped about 25 percent of the time.”

“There isn’t any rhyme or reason, as it just comes down to the generosity of the client.”

However, he said “most times we see the ground crew getting the tip for helping with the bags from the car, or merely for just standing there looking helpful”. Tipping private jet crew is “never expected but always appreciated”.

He revealed that each crew member can get a tip of around £100 per day, although passengers from the Middle East tend to tip the most.

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