Livid dad causes outrage after posting rant about ‘obese’ passenger on flight

An infuriated dad has gone viral after posting a rant on Instagram claiming his family was made to split up on a plane journey due to an overweight passenger.

John James, whose brother owns a fitness supplement business, exploded on his Instagram Stories about the situation.

He complained that he wasn’t able to sit with his wife and three children because of an obese man.

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John explained that he had booked the entire four second row in first class with one child in a chair and two "on laps".

He claims that his family weren’t able to enjoy their journey from the Bahamas together, as they were "split up between rows one and three".

John claims that he was left sitting on the first row next to a "gentleman who is anxiously peeling back the wrapper of his Double XL king size chocolate bar".

The dad-of-three asked: "Why did they split us when we strategically and specifically bought the entire second row?

"Because the gentleman peeling back that chocolate bar was 500+ pounds and needs more space only available in the first row."

John added: "Ali is super flustered because now we have to remedy the situation because we are all split up. It still didn’t hit us.

"Why did they move us when we specifically bought the entire second row?

He continued: "Can we not agree thought that it's BS that we pay that much for flights only to get split up because chocolate man compulsively eats and does not exercise and nowhere between 175-500 pounds has he gone hmmm maybe I should do something about this?"

John refused to admit that the man may be overweight due to a medical problem. He said that would be "co-signing obesity".

In the post, which Reddit users have said is "body shaming", he claimed the first thing he saw the passenger do was eat chocolate.

He added: "I genuinely don't give a s**t what others do with their bodies honestly until it affects me directly… I'm not 'bullying' him, I actually genuinely pity him."

He then went on a rant saying that "addiction to food is an addiction like anything else" and admitted he knew he would hurt some people's feelings.

John noted that he hoped his fellow passenger "enjoys listening to our kids whining because they are split up and not sitting next to mommy and daddy. "And more importantly… I hope that guy enjoys his chocolate bar."

He clarified that he didn’t want to hurt readers but "wants y'all to feel strong, sexy and fit" adding that he felt he was sharing a "painful truth".

Reddit users were outraged at John’s angry post.

One person said: "It’s not the man’s fault the airline gave him those seats.

"Shaming him is not necessary and so f'ing gross. I hate when people fat shame under the guise of wanting to motivate people to be healthier.

"Yea right. John here was mad and wanted to make the guy feel like s**t."

"Anyways f**k this dude for saying there are no genuine medical reasons to be a large person," another added. "But also f**k people who need 'reasons' to justify another person's existence. Mind your business."


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