Easiest country in Europe to learn the language named

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January is the perfect time to pick up a new skill and learning a language is always useful. Experts at language learning app Preply looked at the countries in Europe where it’s easiest to pick up the language.

Easiest countries to learn the language in Europe

  1. Romania
  2. Ireland
  3. Portugal
  4. Serbia
  5. Poland
  6. Luxembourg
  7. Belgium
  8. Austria
  9. Slovakia
  10. UK

Preply looked at the languages, number of accents and dialects in each country and the average cost of language lessons to find the simplest.

Romania came out on top with just three official spoken languages and the fewest accents and dialects.

The average price of a Romanian lesson in the country is just £13, the third cheapest of the countries analysed.

Many expats choose to live in Bucharest, Romania’s capital city, which is known for its nightlife scene.

Britain’s monarch, King Charles III, has his own curious connection with Romania and the country holds a special place in his heart.

The Royal Family has links to countries all over the world, and the King is actually a descendant of Vlad the Impaler.

The ruthless leader, who was known for impaling the heads of his enemies on stakes, is said to have inspired Bram Stoker when he wrote Dracula.

Charles is actually Vlad’s great grandson 16 times removed through Queen Mary, the Consort of George V.

King Charles III has embraced his mysterious connections and actually owns several properties in Romania.

The holiday cottages are in Viscri, the Zalanului Valley, Malancrav and Breb and the monarch once joked he had “a stake in the country.”

Ireland took second place in the language rankings with Gaelic the only other spoken language apart from English.

British expats wouldn’t need to learn Gaelic to move to the Emerald Isle, but may want to get to grips with the basics.

Portugal was in third place as its only spoken language is Portuguese, although there are 10 different regional varieties.

The sunny country was also among the 10 cheapest destinations for a language lesson at just £18.

Czechia was the hardest country to learn the language with private lessons costing an average of £63.

Preply experts said: “A good place to start is with regionally different terminology for commonly used words – take the UK for example, which has at least 10 different words used to describe something as common as a ‘bread roll’ depending on where you are.

“In London you’ll hear someone ask for a bread roll’, in Newcastle you’ll likely hear ‘teacake’, whereas Glaswegians may call it a ‘rowie’ and in the Midlands you may hear locals requesting a ‘cob’”.

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