Inside one of the UK’s most haunted buildings filled with ghostly tales

Jane McDonald 'frightened to death' by ghost story

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The Grade I listed building, which sits not far from Aston Villa’s Villa Park, is a popular attraction when Halloween rolls around each year, as ghost hunters descend. Legend has it that one of the ghosts that inhabits the grounds is Dick the houseboy, who supposedly hanged himself after being accused of stealing.

Another supernatural being from beyond the grave is said to be a former housekeeper dressed in a green dress who people claimed to have seen sitting in a chair.

Arguably, the spookiest tale that makes Aston famous is of a man who was said to have kept his young daughter a prisoner for 16 years within one of the house’s cells.

Other Halloween-themed events coming up at Aston Hall include torchlit tours around the estate at night, for those who dare.

There is even a chance to meet a ‘witch hunter’, on the lookout for those with magical powers and come face to face with an ‘executioner’.

Following a major renovation to restore this Jacobean style house in 2009, Aston Hall is now a community museum managed by the Birmingham Museums Trust.

In 2019, Aston Hall was ranked number one as the UK’s most haunted heritage site by Spectrum Paranormal Investigations and National Lottery.

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