Royal Travel: Method that ‘terrifies’ Kate Middleton – ‘fills me with horror’

Prince William 'loves' to ride motorbike around city says expert

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This means the Royal Family have special modes of travel in order to be able to carry out all their engagements across the country when and where it suits. For example, in January 2018, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle travelled by first class in a regular rail service from London Paddington to Cardiff. The young royals in particular often choose this mode of transport, especially to visit major cities.

The Queen also uses a regular train service every year to start her Christmas break at Sandringham, boarding at King’s Cross and disembarking at King’s Lynn station.

This is all rather frugal, however, there is also the Royal Train, which is still occasionally used by members of the family.

Costing several thousand each trip, it is often cited when the royals reveal their annual financial reports as one of the more lavish expenditures.

In 2018, examples of journeys taken were Prince Charles using it to travel from Euston to Port Talbot at a cost of £20,049, and the Queen and Meghan’s trip to Cheshire, which came in at £29,714.

The Royal Family also use helicopters to travel around the UK, and sometimes even to travel between their houses.

Between April 2018 and April 2019, 204 journeys were made on royal helicopters which cost £688,845.

The royals are permitted to use public funds to travel from residence to residence, and these trips are often made by helicopter.

The Queen’s Helicopter Flight currently has two helicopters in operation, which are based at RAF Odiham.

Prince William took the opportunity to fly one in January 2019 to highlight the work of the London Air Ambulance.

The Royal Family also like to drive themselves around the country.

The royals arrive at almost all their British engagements by car. When they do take helicopters or planes, a local vehicle is waiting to pick them up.

Specifically, the Queen travels in her Bentley State Limousine which was created for her Golden Jubilee in 2002.

The car was specially designed to make it possible for well-wishers to see inside more easily.

It also has wide doors and a higher roof so Queen Elizabeth can more easily get out of the vehicle.

British manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover also enjoys the royal warrant, with members of the family frequently seen behind the wheels of its vehicles.

Despite the fact they could be driven everywhere if they wanted, the royals enjoy the independence of driving themselves.

Prince William drove Kate and all their three children home from the hospital after they were born, and the Duchess of Cambridge has been spotted behind the wheel heading through the gates of Buckingham Palace.

The Queen has also been seen driving herself to church in Windsor many times, as well as driving visitors around the Balmoral estate.

Prince Philip was still driving at age 96 and even reportedly taught his granddaughter Lady Louise Windsor how to carriage drive.

Moreover, both William and Harry love to ride motorbikes.

The brothers were in their element when they took part in an eight-day 1,000-mile charity bike ride across South Africa in 2008.

William also currently owns a 1198S Ducati, but the Duchess of Cambridge is not a fan.

In 2015, she admitted: “It always fills me with horror when he goes out on it‎. I’m terrified.”

However, the Prince revealed in November 2017 that he has put biking on the back burner since having his children.

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