‘I run nude resort dubbed Disneyland for adults – famous celebs love visiting’
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    The owner of a nudist resort dubbed "Disneyland for adults" has claimed his raunchy hotspot is a favourite among A-list celebs who love the "sexy" atmosphere.

    Dewey Wohl and his wife launched the Sea Mountain Nude Resort 20 years ago and since then they've created an "exclusive" and "sensual" atmosphere at his two retreats in Las Vegas and California.

    At Sea Mountain, clothes are strictly banned and guests at the couples-only resorts with an "open sense of sexuality" can enjoy getting intimate wherever they please.

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    Mineral water pools provide a perfect place for couples to mingle while visitors can also head to the 24-hour dance clubs — where the dress code is "lingerie or less" and stripper poles and huge communal beds provide endless entertainment.

    Meanwhile, the staff are "100% female-empowered" and like the guests, often strut around the resort nude.

    But Dewey, 50, revealed what makes Sea Mountain truly unique is its diverse audience — which he says includes well-known celebrities.

    Speaking exclusively to the Daily Star, he said: "There's nothing like it in the world, we have a lot of imitators. The thing that makes it quite unique, besides the mineral water pools, the world's only 24-hour dance club, is the massive amount of celebrities who are willing to partake in such an intimate experience.

    "We have a lot of A-list celebrities and music artists and that's super interesting to see how they mix.

    "There are people who are world-famous, you would know them. If you come into the Sea Mountain Las Vegas or Sea Mountain California on the wall there are autographs and personal things to us from your top music artists in the world."

    Dewey kept his lips sealed about exactly which racy A-listers have visited his resort, but he did give some hints.

    "I can tell you names like Johnny, I can give first names. There's a lot of people, some of them go by one name," he revealed.

    The famous guests will sometimes make an attempt to disguise themselves.

    "This person might be wearing a baseball cap or sunglasses, they take off their jewellery. Not everyone, but if you're known for your jewellery, you might not wear it," Dewey explained.

    "If you're known for a certain kind of glasses, you might not wear them."

    This doesn't always stop them from being recognised by other guests though.

    He added: "This person can come, someone who might have been in a big movie series, and someone says 'you look like such and such'."

    But he said the nude environment means when a celeb is spotted, it's usually not long until they're left alone.

    "I get it all the time and what happens is so interesting, the people move on from it. They just think they spent a day with someone that looks exactly like someone famous. It could have been them, but because people are nude it's the great equalizer," he said.

    Dewey explained it's the private nature of the resort, where guests are banned from taking videos or pictures, that draws A-listers in.

    He said: "If you go to a Four Seasons resort with 500 rooms and you're a known entity, a thousand people might come up to you and that's not a vacation.

    "Come to a place that's smaller where there's 100 people, 200 people, you might get it over within about 10 minutes and then get on with the day. But one of the things that makes us so unique is having such a diverse audience."

    While some of the guests might be more high-profile than others, they all mix together at Sea Mountain — which Dewey says is all about "acceptance".

    "You might find a morbidly obese person next to a woman that's had a double mastectomy, next to a world-famous supermodel, next to a Bollywood female celebrity and those people might have a husband or partner, spouse or girlfriend but they're all talking unlike other clubs or beach clubs where people tend to judge," he said.

    But one person who doesn't join in on the erotic fun is Dewey.

    "I tell people that I'm the world's greatest chef, but I'm not allowed to taste my food," he said.

    He explained: "It was built as maybe something that would be really cool but I saw quickly that this is not for me, this is not our playground…

    "Most lifestyle places or naked places are built and run by men who invent these things to pick up women. I mean, it's just like that. So I didn't want to be like that and I didn't want the people coming in to think 'this is his playground'.

    He added: "You wouldn't want to go to your favourite pub that you loved and see the owner on the ground drunk and throwing up."

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