Commuters in stitches at silly typo on Elizabeth Line opening day

After what feels like forever the Elizabeth Line has finally opened.

Travellers were excited to try out the new trainline, which stretches from Reading to Shenfield.

This means easier routes into areas where you’ll find a plethora of hotspots such as great eateries and bars.

However, ensuring that people know where to find these fabulous places when they leave the station, plays a key part in making the Elizabeth Line a success.

With this thought in mind, some social media users were left in “hysterics” when they spotted a hilarious typo on the signage of the line’s Canary Wharf stop, as reported by My London.

A Twitter user posted the sign for amenities at Canary Wharf with an unfortunate typo in it.

The image posted showed a sign which read: “Elizabeth line, Shops and Pestaraunts”.

@Tkingdot, who posted the error, simply captioned the image: “Pestaurants”.

And it wasn’t long before other social media users came to add their thoughts under the comments.

One user decided to chime in stating that the error was a dishonour to the Queen.

One wrote: “Oh sweet Jesus, that's no way to honour Her Majesty.”

Followed by another who attempted to jokingly make sense of the blunder by adding their own version of the typo.

They commented: “Is this in Pestminster?”

While another Twitter user also opted for the comedic route by cleverly referencing the capital of Hungary – Budapest.

They joked: “Across the Danube from Buda, obviously.”

The user who originally posted it had a go at remixing the joke by replacing the letter “r” in another name.

They wrote: “Canapy Whapf.”

Although many users made jokes out of the error itself, some simply pointed out the humour in the typo.

A commenter wrote: “That’s hysterical.”

It won’t be long before the mistake is corrected but in the meantime, the highly anticipated launch of the line seems coming along without too many hitches overall.

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