Honeymoon ‘nightmare’ as wife forced into Barbados ‘jail’ after testing positive for Covid

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The pair are from Chiswick and got married in Ireland on September 15 before journeying to Barbados for their honeymoon three days later. Both of them took a PCR test before travelling which they say was negative.

On arrival in Bridgetown, the couple had to take another test and travelled to their hotel to wait for the results.

Alberto received his negative results the next day but there was no sign of Amy’s PCR result.

At 5pm, the couple received a call from the Barbados ministry of health saying that Amy had tested positive and had to be moved to a Government isolation facility.

The couple said they then heard nothing for the next few hours until 9pm when they received another call saying Amy had to be ready to go in 10 minutes.

Amy was then transported to the Government facility, which is normally used as a primary school, and will have to stay for 10 days.

Alberto told MyLondon: “She was so scared and crying. It was horrible. I stayed on the phone with her all night because she was so worried.”

The new bride said she was forced to share a room with six strangers, including men, women and children.

There were no locks on the door and the facility was fenced in so no one inside could escape.

Amy said she was allowed three bottles of water per day, no toilet paper, no pillows and one thin sheet to sleep under.

Alberto said: “I understand the Government is doing what they can because the Covid situation out here is escalating very quickly.

“But the way they handled things was awful and the facility is inhumane. It’s more like a jail. She says it feels like being in a zombie movie.

“Luckily the other residents have been nice to her and are playing games with her, so she doesn’t feel so alone, which she really appreciates.”

The Government Covid facility was free of cost but the couple decided to pay for Amy to move to a private isolation facility.

At her new site, Amy has to share a room with just one other person. Alberto has moved to the cheapest Government approved flat where he is in quarantine.

The private facility has cost the honeymoon couple $300 (£110) per night, as well as essential doctors’ fees which cost $250 (£92) per visit.

They also have to spend $150 (£55) per Covid test, of which Amy needs two before she will be allowed to leave.

Alberto said the couple had already spent £1,600 on flights and £800 on hotels which they won’t be able to get back.

He added: “It’s gone from being the best few days of our lives and turned into a nightmare.”

All the money the couple received as wedding gifts has gone towards the costs and getting back home.

The couple have also used up all their holiday time so will be straight back at work once they return.

Amy’s sister has set up a fundraiser to help with the costs. She said: “Any help would be really appreciated, hopefully we can make Amy and Alberto’s honeymoon somewhat special.”

The UK Foreign Office website states on quarantine in Barbados: “Conditions at the government quarantine facilities are generally basic and not necessarily equivalent to a tourist hotel with the associated services.”

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