Diver mauled by GIANT man-eating squid in horror clip

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Usually the phrases "monster squid" or "squid-infested waters" are enough to deter even the bravest scuba divers.

But not for diver Scott Cassell on Animal Planet, who was filmed in this life-and-death battle with a Humboldt squid in the waters off La Paz, Mexico.

In the horrifying video, Scott explains how a swarm of squids dragged him deep underwater at ridiculous speed – leaving him with a burst eardrum.

One squid was so powerful it managed to dislocate Scott’s shoulder, while another manages to break his wrist in five places.

The clip shows the panic in Scott’s face as he screams in agony while desperately trying to claw his way back to the surface of the ocean.

A video – first shown on Animal Planet – was uploaded to YouTube where it has now been viewed more than 1.5million times.

One viewer was shocked by the extreme attack. He wrote: “That's insane. To think that those were just Humboldt squids, imagine if you were attacked by a giant squid.

“The stuff of nightmares.”

Another viewer had a word of warning: “You should not dive into a school of Humboldt Squid unless you are damn prepared and aware that you are throwing yourself into a scenario where you are at nature’s will.”

One person was left totally shocked.

They commented: “I never thought that they would hunt as large as humans in a swarm.

“I knew their bites would be nasty but I thought they would try to evade humans or would be curious and would play with them. Hunting in a pack, who knew?”

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