The 7 Best Ice Scrapers for Quickly Clearing Ice, Frost, and Snow off Your Car

When there are winter storms in the forecast, it’s important to make sure your homes and vehicles are stocked with everything you might need. If there’s one thing you don’t want to be without, it’s a reliable ice scraper. Plus, many of the top-rated ice scrapers have built-in snow brushes, eliminating the need for a second tool.  

When shopping for ice scrapers, there are a couple of different things to consider. Size is one important factor, especially if you plan on keeping it in your car’s glove compartment where it’s easily accessible. If you don’t mind storing it in your trunk or back seat, then the size of your ice scraper is less of an issue because you’ll have way more space to work with. There are also some special features you can look for to make scraping ice easier, like an extendable brush so you don’t have to move around your car as much, or attached fleece-lined mitts that keep your hands warm and toasty. 

Since there are so many ice scrapers available online, we scoured the internet to find the ones that customers swear by. Based on thousands of customer reviews, these are the best ice scrapers of 2021:

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  • Best Overall: Snow Joe 4-in-1 Telescoping Snow Broom + Ice Scraper
  • Best With Brush: Oxo Good Grips Extendable Snow Brush With Ice Scraper
  • Best Compact: RevHeads Ice Scraper for Cars
  • Best Mitts: Matcc Ice Scraper Mitt
  • Best for Driveways and Sidewalks: Bully Tools Heavy Duty Ice Scraper
  • Most Affordable: Snow Joe Brass Blade Ice Scraper 
  • Most Popular: Hopkins Subzero 532 Snow Brush With Ice Scraper

Keep reading to learn more about the best ice scrapers to buy before the next winter storm hits. 


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Best Overall: Snow Joe 4-in-1 Telescoping Snow Broom + Ice Scraper

With an average 4.6-star rating from over 5,300 customers, this lightweight yet durable Snow Joe tool can do it all: remove snow, scrape ice, and function as a flashlight and emergency light. One end features a large foam head with two LED lights to push snow off your car, while the other has an ice scraper to remove any frozen buildup. The telescoping pole extends from 33 to 52 inches so you can get to hard-to-reach areas, and there’s also a comfy foam grip that’s easy to hold. “Love this little tool! Makes cleaning off my SUV two to three times quicker,” wrote a shopper. “The reach is awesome on this ice scraper, especially for short [people] like me. I love that it is compact and not long and bulky so [it’s] easy to stow away for the next use and snowstorm.” 

To buy:, $19 (originally $30)

Best With Brush: Oxo Good Grips Extendable Snow Brush With Ice Scraper

Not only does Oxo’s ice scraper-snow brush combo have an adjustable pole that extends an extra 11 inches, but it also has a rotating head that moves 90 degrees. Shoppers love that this feature gives them the option to use the extendable snow brush horizontally, because it’s easier to move heavy snow by pushing and pulling. Plus, the brush head and ice scraper are both on the same side, so you don’t need to awkwardly hold onto the brush when scraping ice, or vice versa. “This is a very well-designed and durable snow removal brush,” said a customer. “We had three feet of snow in January, and my Prius was buried under snow and thick, hard ice. This brush was strong enough to chip away the ice without breaking and flexible enough to sweep off the snow and ice shards.” 

To buy:, $20 (originally $23)

Best Compact: RevHeads Ice Scraper for Cars

If you don’t really need an attached snow brush, then the RevHeads ice scraper is a great choice. Customers love that it’s lightweight and small enough to fit in their glove compartment, so it’s always within arm’s reach. The foam-handled ice scraper even has a claw-shaped side that breaks up large chunks of ice — one person said it effectively removed a “quarter-inch of ice and sleet from the windshield.” Then once the ice is broken up into smaller pieces, you can use the scraper side to wipe it all away. But despite the ice scraper’s small size, many people rave about how durable it is. “The scraper itself is heavy duty and clears ice off of my windshield with ease,” one customer wrote. 

To buy:, $9

Best Mitts: Matcc Ice Scraper Mitt

If you’ve ever tried to scrape ice off your windshield bare hands, then you know how painfully cold it can be — even knit gloves can often be too thin. An easy solution? These genius ice scraper mitts, which ensure your hands are always warm and protected. They have a cozy fleece lining with a waterproof outer material, and the attached ice scraper has a handle inside the mitt so you can get a good grip. “It seems like no matter which gloves I use my fingers are always freezing by the time I’m done chipping ice and snow off the car,” wrote a customer. “This scraper was much better at keeping my fingers warm.” You can purchase either a single mitt for $11, or a pack of two for $19. The brand also has a slightly upgraded model with a foam handle, where the ice scraper itself can be removed and used on its own. 

To buy:, from $11

Best for Driveways and Sidewalks: Bully Tools Heavy-Duty Sidewalk Ice Scraper

Since windshields aren’t the only place where ice can be dangerous, there’s a good chance you’ll also need a heavy-duty ice scraper for your driveway, sidewalk, or front porch. It’s on the heavier side (nearly five pounds), but that’s because it has a solid-steel blade that can cut through the thickest layers of ice. One shopper said it’s “more than tough enough to last a lifetime.” Another wrote: “Weeks of freezing weather has left a steadily-thickening layer of ice on the driveway, and this tool can just lift it straight up in huge chunks. You can also use it as a plunge tool to break up the thick boulders that the snowplows leave behind.”

To buy:, $40

Most Affordable: Snow Joe Brass Blade Ice Scraper

At just $4, this Snow Joe ice scraper is one of the most affordable options out there. It might seem simple at first (especially given its price), but it has a brass blade that customers insist cuts through ice “hot knife through butter” without scratching. The 12-inch handle makes it long enough to give you some extra reach but short enough that it still fits in the glove compartment. The ice scraper works so well and is so cheap that plenty of reviewers mention buying multiple as gifts. “Why, oh why did I suffer with plastic-edged ice scrapers for so long?! Every ice scraper should have a metal edge like this one does,” wrote a customer. “This one easily scrapes off the ice and doesn’t break when it’s extra thick.”

To buy:, $4

Most Popular: Hopkins Subzero 532 Snow Brush With Ice Scraper

This two-in-one snow brush and ice scraper tool has over 9,300 five-star ratings, so it’s no surprise that it’s Amazon’s choice for car ice scrapers. There are four rows of bristles to sweep away snow on one side, and the opposite end has a four-inch blade for scraping ice. It’s 26 inches long in total, so it can easily reach the middle of the roof or windshield on most cars and trucks. While there are some negative reviews from a few years ago, the vast majority of shoppers are satisfied. “This tool is a must if you get any ice or frost or snow on your car,” wrote a customer. “It doesn’t matter if you have a garage. It’s about being ready to scrape off ice without the threat of breaking a car window. It’s about brushing off the frost or snow without getting your hands wet and making them numb.”

To buy:, $8 (originally ($13)

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