Greece holidays: Passenger Locator Form slammed by travellers returning to UK

Passenger Locator Forms have been slammed by jet-setters returning from Greece. Travel rules for Greece tightened this week after Transport Secretary Grant Shapps announced on Monday that seven Greek islands would be added to England’s quarantine list. The affected islands are: Crete, Lesvos, Mykonos, Santorini, Serifos, Tinos and Zakynthos.

However, mainland Greece and the remaining islands remain on the ‘safe’ list.

These rules came into force today from 4am.

Travellers filling out the UK’s compulsory Passenger Locator Forms have noticed a flaw with the system.

The form doesn’t distinguish between different part of the same country.

The following travel details are required: arrival point, airline name, booking reference, flight number and seat number.

However, the only question regarding your location abroad is “What country are you travelling from?”

This could mean travellers could simply write “Greece” rather than their specific island destination.

Holidaymakers have flocked to social media to share their thoughts on the “useless” form.

One person tweeted: “Has anyone else filled in the home office’s passenger locator form?

“When I came back from Greece it asked for my seat number on the plane but not the island or hotel I stayed in?

“Has it been updated to capture this because if not you could put anything.”

Another replied: “Nope. Did mine today. Country of departure but not island. Expecting an interesting flight from Crete.” 

A third posted: “Just filling in the completely useless personal locator form to come home from holiday & the bureaucracy so useless they have failed to attach the form to the email.”

A Department for Transport (DfT) spokesperson told the Independent: “The form that passengers fill in now has a free text subsection after the country.

“Passengers are expected to fill this in before they return to the UK. Those arriving back to the UK after 4am on Wednesday, September 9 will be expected to specify where they have been on the form.

“Anyone arriving after 4am on Wednesday from the Greek islands or another non-exempt country will need to self-isolate.” has contacted the DfT for further comment.

It’s not just forms in relation to Greece that are being criticised.

Many travellers have slammed the lack of checks at UK airports.

“Just passed the border without having my passenger locator form checked,” one Twitter user posted.

“No one even asked if I’d filled one in or what country I’d arrived from. And people wonder why we’re the worst in Europe for corona.

Another commented: “The UK Covid measures are a joke. Arrived back in the UK last night.

“Filled in all the on-line forms, printed off 5 pages as instructed. Arrived at @manairport. No checks on forms, no temperature checks, no instructions to isolate. Ushered through automatic passport gates.”

The UK government explains the Passenger Location Form rules online.

“You must show proof of a completed passenger locator form at the UK border. You should complete the form before you enter the UK.

“You can complete it any time in the 48 hour period before you are due to arrive in the UK.

“Make sure you leave yourself enough time to complete it. If you do not complete the form before you arrive in the UK, it might take you longer to enter the UK.

“The form is an online form. You will need an internet connection and details of your journey to complete it. Failure to complete the form is a criminal offence.”

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