Millions of fathers admit they become

Millions of fathers admit they turn into an ‘Airport Dad’ and activate ‘Dad Mode’ when jetting away on holiday – seizing control of passports, luggage check-ins and adopting a departure strategy.

A poll of 1,000 dads found 69 percent tend to take charge when jetting off on holiday.

And will do things like insist on getting to the airport many hours earlier than needed and repeatedly checking they have all the necessary travel documents.

Other common behaviours include carrying luggage instead of wheeling it, obsessively monitoring the departure screen, and putting all luggage near the front door the night before.

Commissioned by Jet2holidays ahead of Father’s Day, the study found 40 percent enter ‘Dad Mode’ at airports because they believe they’re ‘the best person’ to ensure everything goes to plan.

While 18 percent admit they simply can’t help themselves and have ‘no idea’ why they feel the need to take the reins, a further 18 percent simply enjoy taking charge.

A spokesperson for Jet2holidays said: “Our teams of Customer Helpers have reported lots of amused families having a giggle at ‘Airport Dad’, so we thought we’d find out more ahead of a busy summer.

“There’s lots to remember and think about when going away – and dads clearly just want to help make sure their holiday goes smoothly and ultimately is fun.

“Family holidays are an important occasion and it’s great to know that ‘Airport Dads’ are out there and making sure families can enjoy happy memories on their well-deserved holidays.”

Other common traits among dads when travelling by air include being the one to check in the whole family ahead of going through security and creating a travel checklist.

As well as ensuring they get to the departure gate before anyone else and constantly asking if everyone has their passport and boarding pass.

The study also found 52 percent of dads will start their holiday prep anywhere between one to three months ahead of their trip.

More than four in 10 (44 percent) said planning a getaway fills them with excitement, while 43 percent said it helps them feel organised.

Common worries when flying include ‘do I have everything?’ (46 percent), ‘have I forgotten something important?’ (36 percent), and ‘have we packed too much?’ (27 percent).

So, to keep any such concerns to a minimum, 20 percent plan their trips ‘like a military operation’.

Carried out through OnePoll, the study found a whopping 91 percent of fathers claim to be in need of a holiday.

With going to the beach (34 percent), feeling the sun on their skin (34 percent), and exploring the local culture (33 percent) the biggest aspects of a holiday they look forward to.

A spokesperson for Jet2holidays added: “While some dads might love holiday prep and others might not, the result will be worth it.

“Family holidays create memories which stay with us forever.”

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